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Finding Targeted and Interested Subscribers

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Now comes some real digging in and working on list-building. Don’t expect your list to build itself (duh!!). It’s your job to get yourself out there and find as many targeted and interested subscribers as you possibly can.

Here are my best suggestions:

1. Web site Opt-In Form – this is an oldie but a goodie. Put a form on your website. It’s not enough to put a form on your homepage saying ‘Sign Up to Our Newsletter’, though.
You need to present your visitors with an irresistible offer, something they’ll have no problem handing over their closely guarded email address for.


How To Stay On Top As Copywriter

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I recently found a post about the “Victorian Rules of Punctuation”. These are a great way to remember the basic rules that every copywriter should know — and know when and how to break to make your sales copy stand out.

So here they go!


Submitting To Directories: A Comprehensive Guide

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Why submit to a Directory?

Every webmaster is looking for ways to improve their website’s visibility, and one great way is by getting listed in the major web directories. This should be a very important part of your marketing strategy online, which many website owners neglect.

The only way to grow your online business is if people can actually find you! Some web directories have a free submission option whereas others require some form of payment or reciprocal link in exchange. With the hundreds of various general directories and niche directories you have the choose to submit to – it becomes crucial knowing which directories are worth your time and money.


List Building Profit Plan (Secrets of Success)

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List Building Profit Plan (Secrets of Success)

List building is all about connecting with your target audience by offering them high quality information in exchange for their subscription. Once a subscriber is a confirmed member of your list, you can begin sending promotional based follow up emails in balance with relevant and useful content based on your overall market.

Internet marketers collect leads using a combination of squeeze pages and double opt-in forms. These forms are generated by your autoresponder provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze page template.


Strategic Internet Marketing: 6 Points Towards More Online Profits

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Strategic Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a BIG marketplace. There are many ways to make online profits, many things to sell, and many individuals to deal with. If you do not have a definite marketing plan, you will be lost in it’s depths, and probably, will not find your way back on the track, resulting to the capsizing of your business.


Clickbank Cash Supreme: How To Make $38,000 Per Month On ClickBank, No BS!

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I am about to shock you with a cold hard truth. Making money online is easy. And especially… making money from Clickbank is extremely easy – of course if you know how to do things right.

Keep reading, but first…


Jump Start your Business Using Joint Ventures

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2009 was a hard year for me and based on the things I learned I want to give you an input on how to make 2010 your best business year ever.

But first try to answer the following questions before continuing to read:

– Do you have an online business that you just completed making with all the links and key performing properly and have an affiliate program but you need to jump-start it with no cash for promotion?

– Do you want your goods or services in front of thousands of customers within hours without spending a single penny for the offer?

– Do you want to make more money WITHOUT your own products/services or mailing lists?


Joint Venture with Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham and The League of Extraordinary Minds

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If you’re like most other entrepreneurs, you’ve seen definite downturn in your business over the past year or so. Profits are under whelming… sales goals are far from being reached… and the outlook doesn’t look to get any better soon.

So what’s the answer? How are you going to reclaim your business? And who’s going to help you? Well, I’ll admit – I don’t know of one particular business and marketing expert that has all the answers…