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“Need help with your home based business? Download troubles? Need more backend products?
More affiliate, search engines, email or internet marketing information?”


I am constantly searching and looking to discover new ways and strategies to improve my web site. Whether you want to ask me a question, make a suggestion or just let me know what you think about Internet Marketing Profits Center website, you will find here the best way to contact.

Please read through the list below to direct your message to the right mailbox. Doing so will help me respond to you quickly. Don’t forget, YOUR online business is important for me!


Val Popescu

Val Popescu
SEO Expert and Inbound Marketer
Owner of The Internet Marketing Profits Center


For joint venture questions or requests, I suggest you to think twice. Once you decided on a viable business plan, let me know and I’ll get back to you soon as it possible.

Please remember about Joint Venture questions or requests

The ones I do choose to do businesses with MUST to make it extremely easy for me. I don’t have to go through this tedious process of working out the details – I don’t have that physical time. You MUST come to me and make a clear-out point of view:

I want this, and this and I am willing to give back this, and this. This is exactly how it’s done and here is exactly how it works and I’m going to send you the following information giving you all the details.”

You have to spell it out in very clear terms so all I have to do is say a simple “Yes” or “No”. And if I do say “Yes”, it is simple because you have done everything for me, have things like lists and sales letters ready and give me easy to understand descriptions of whatever is necessary to do the joint venture.

*Those are the kinds of people I do joint ventures with!*


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Val Popescu
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