“If You Want To Secure Permanent and Multiple Top 10 Ranking Results, Then Using These Master Search Engine Positioning, Optimization and Submission Tools May Be The Most Important Thing You’ve Ever Done In The Past Years.”

You are about to discover the essential tools to enhance your search engine positioning. Be ready to unleash their ultimate power. Be ready to learn some of the most powerful and exciting things about search engines optimization, submission, ranking tools, the newest and most advanced theories around this subject.

You have to owned and use every day these tools if you want to make serious internet marketing profits. These are the same secret weapons that catapult internet marketing and search engine optimization experts to the top spots, ahead of millions of other websites. It’s worth taking the time to make your site more search engine friendly, because some simple changes may pay off with big results.


» IBP Software

IBP analyzes the web pages that currently have a top 10 ranking in the search engine of your choice and compares them with your page. It tells you how the pages have achieved that ranking and how you must change your web pages and the links to your website to obtain a similar ranking IBP works with Google’s latest ranking algorithm, with Yahoo/Bing and all other major search engines.

» Wordtracker’s Keywords Tool

Keywords and keyphrases represent the starting point to successful search engines’ top ranking. And Wordtracker’s tool, a highly effective web-based service, is the perfect tool to accomplish such a desire. Chose between a free trial and paid subscription option of one month or yearly.

» SEO PowerSuite

With four tools combined (Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant) SEO PowerSuite can create detailed search engine optimization reviews, track rankings in all search engines, and find your competitor’s backlinks to boost your website over theirs. Each of those 4 tools is easy to use – there is a learning curve anyway – effective and has the features needed to get better results from SEO, monitor sites progress, identify backlinks, and manage outreach. This software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Want to know how to obtain a top 10 position in front of the search engines? Start your endevour based on this “6-Points Search Engine Marketing Plan“….

1) Keyword Research – know what you want to be found for. You should know the top two or three terms that are most important to your website. Nothing is more disappointing than taking the time to achieve top rankings for wrong keywords and then seeing no increase in traffic from all your efforts. Get professional help from WordTracker, the most effective keywords, and key phrases research web-based service.

Plus, you can fire up your SEO PowerSuite software and use it in 5 different ways (with the help of the Keyword Elite engine, Ask.com, the Google Suggestion Tool, Meta Tags, or the free version of Word Tracker) to create highly profitable keywords lists.

2) Optimization – create search engines friendly web pages which rely on the frequency of the keywords on the page, total words on the page, the weight of the keywords on the page, area or location of the keywords on the page, prominence, proximity, off-page criteria… and the list could go one. Use IBP software to help you with your optimization efforts and helps remind you of all those things you ought to try to do every time you optimize a page.

3) Link Popularity – build relevant links through your website. Link exchange with other related and non-competitive sites, and be sure to interlink your pages. Develop your inbound link popularity the old-fashioned way, one link at a time.

4) Submission – proper submission to the major directories and engines is critical. Some search engines prominently display directory listings for many popular searches; some of the other major engines also list directory results prominently or at least emphasize them in various ways. According to this, submit your website to more than 85+ major regional search engines and directories using IBP software, an advanced “slow submit” technology that precisely emulates manual submissions.

5) Reporting – you need an easy way to report your rankings for each keyword and engine you’re targeting, and to track the number of visitors to your website, along with where they came from. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker helps you manage and automate both these essential tasks – different management reports provide more valuable information than any other product available on the market at this time.

6) Self-Improvement – if you want to succeed with search engines, you have to constantly learn the secrets in your business, practicing what you learn by learning from others, testing every new move you take by using technology to automate as many processes as possible.

Investing in search engine positioning, optimization, submission, ranking tools will mean a solid foundation for your business!