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Every website owner has the initial goal to have their site become popular with a consistently growing traffic flow. The use of SEO Saas, for example, keeps users grounded on keeping track of the progress of their website of search engines.

If your page has not yet made it to the first page of Google, there is something you are not doing right. The rate at which technology has grown provides a solution to almost everything, which means that there is still hope for your site.

Every site owner should consider investing their time, money and interest in SEO (you can try SERPbook), and here is why:

SEO for Marketing

Marketing is a major function of a business that cannot be sidelined. If you are looking to invest in digital marketing, you cannot do without SEO. SEO is a crucial part of your digital marketing, but alone, cannot satisfy all your marketing needs.

Rather, integrate SEO into your marketing strategies as a compliment that will yield you more result. A good example is how you can run your digital marketing campaign on social media, which is an SEO technique.

Find resourceful ways to create your marketing messages and position your campaigns correctly online with SEO.

Increased Traffic Flow

For all that SEO involves, the end result marks an increase in traffic flow. In fact, the difference noted with SEO over other marketing strategies, for instance, is that SEO generates traffic that is more qualified. Ideally, very few people click to the next page for results, which is why SEO is meant to ensure your page finds a place on the first page of search results.

The first page of search engines receives higher readership that the consequent ones. This translates to a higher traffic flow pointed towards your content. A consistently growing traffic is good for business with an assured ready audience that is already interested in the kind of content you produce.

Tip: Appeal to your audience through optimized tags, descriptions and optimized images to get more clicks on your site then convert them to loyal customers through other on-page SEO techniques.

High Brand Visibility and Awareness

However great your brand may be, if it is not well known, you will not get much value from it. Brand awareness is a concept that takes time and a lot of consistent efforts, but you can get there faster by investing in SEO. Most content consumers online resolve for prominent brands for information because they have accorded trust and confidence in the brands.

SEO will scale your site higher ensuring that your content is visible by the audience that would have a preference in your content and your industry. All audience engagement involved in SEO allows your target customers to interact with your brand learning more from the constant information you share with them.

Search engines will also realize your site as a credible source of information, thus listing your brand as an option for people’s solution.

Fairly Compete with Your Competitors

A truth you might be missing out on is that your competitors are already using SEO. The internet is already flooded with people and content and there are now more options to choose from than ever before. Even though your brand might be far better than others, audiences will not know that if they cannot find you amidst the loads of information online.

SEO helps you capitalize on the available audience despite the competition. Invest in SEO to better analyze your competitors, copying what they are doing right to attain the authority they have.

If more people are finding value in SEO, you must also grab the opportunity of lining up as a solution to searchers. If you get too comfortable with being a good brand that generates great content, you will be walked over by the new websites that are daily being launched.

Higher Conversion Rates

In comparison to other outbound techniques like email, T.V., and print, SEO has a way higher conversion rate. The traffic you generate from search engines and other platforms is can be organic and inorganic, but the tweaks from SEO efforts increase customer satisfaction.

With targeted keywords that a user finds relevant to the wordings he/she inputted on searches, followed by relevant great content, an audience is already happy. SEO allows for adjusting the pageload speed of your site and optimizing images and pages providing an excellent user experience.

At the end of the day, you are likely to secure more visits on your site, fewer exit rates, more feedback, and reviews, building a loyal and concrete audience base, exactly the kind of conversion rate you should be eyeing.

Improved Audience Engagement and Relationship Building

SEO is more than just pushing promotional messages and campaigns on people. SEO takes into account the needs of the audience with a key focus on providing quality value exchange for their time.

Investing in SEO will allow you to be flexible in engaging with the audience. You will notice a higher amount of feedback generated from optimized content, whether positive or negative, both meant to build your brand.

Focusing more on timely responses and sharing more content that speaks to the audience as well as audience-generated content sets you up for strong relationship building that is a long-term investment advantageous to your brand. With SEO, you create more personal messages giving your audience a tangible and approachable feel of what your brand is about, other than business.

To Make a Sale

Selling online can be cumbersome especially in trying to find the right market for your products. What you do not know is that there is always a ready market for any product, and all you need to do is find them.

SEO is a channel that allows you to not only find where your right audience is. But to understand what type of audience your target customers are. SEO allows you to study audience behavior, making you aware of their purchasing powers and preferences. This can help you in packaging your product in ways that are interesting to them.

With SEO, you are able to place your products to the right audience and better yet, persuade them into making that purchase by strategically placing a clear call-to-action in your messages.

Tip: SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results so you don’t have to worry about ROI.

SEO is Cost-Effective

Lastly, the budget. Most businesses are afraid to invest in SEO because of the thought of having to spend an extra dollar on SEO. However, SEO is not entirely a money-consuming venture. With the rise of technology, there are so many resources that provide for relatively inexpensive SEO practices.

Most SEO practices are a simple tweak of what you already can do, like developing high-quality content, building links and doing keyword research, all which guarantee long-lasting results without having to spend on them.

Free SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, among others, should set you a lot easier as you begin your SEO journey. Focus on SEO practices that yield more results with few costs incurred.

Tip: even when you have to pay to enjoy premium services when compared to other forms of online marketing like email marketing or PPC, SEO provides comparatively better Returns On Investment.

If you have not yet tried SEO, you are selling yourself short as a brand. Allow the world that is now converged on the internet to find and value you for what you have to offer.

Good SEO vs Bad SEO

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