Unfair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard repeatedly that 85% of online consumers find what they’re looking for via search engines. Like it or not, if your company is online and you aren’t listed well in the engines, you won’t be able to stay online for long.

For that reason, I recently went shopping for the best search engine information source in the world and found it. Planet Ocean Communications publishes Search Engine News — a subscription-based monthly newsletter the experts refer to as “the best source of information for search engine optimization in the world.”

Their starter book, The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars, is worth the $97 price of admission because the secrets revealed about search engine optimization are likely to produce a cascade of additional sales for any company willing to follow the book’s strategies.

The REAL value, however, is in their ongoing research and monthly publication — Search Engine News. Here’s where your investment will be returned in spades as you receive the advanced knowledge necessary to beat the socks off your competition.

I recommend products from Planet Ocean Communications to get your websites into the top 10 search engines. Their “Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars” is the #1 book on search engine optimization. If you want to submit your site by yourself, this is the best investment you shall make!

I recommend you buy their book immediately, start reading it and apply all those techniques to your website. It would be easy and fun because you’ll have a breakthrough advantage in front of your competitors. You will be surprised at the real success of your web pages in the search engines. This is NOT just an SEO book … but the gateway to an entire search engine optimization and marketing course!

As a FREE bonus, when you get the Planet Ocean book, you’ll also have access to the “Engine Master Chart,” which details what each search engine supports, what it will and will not, etc. Plus, a monthly newsletter update subscription containing the latest strategies and formulas for winning the search engine wars.

You’ll find inside this amazing book ALL THE SECRETS you should know about search engine optimization and positioning, put into a step-by-step guideline following their own hands-on experience:

  • Learn how to get found in the top ten – the front pages – of search engines
  • Improve your website’s “positioning” in today’s search engine environment
  • Simple techniques to boost your page’s findability over the competition
  • Avoid traps that can cause your site to lose positioning
  • The critical importance of keywords in anchor text
  • How to find the money keywords that trigger sales
  • Keyword placement: The location of your keywords counts!
  • Essential strategies for building and structuring inbound links
  • How to buy links without getting penalized
  • LinkBaiting via Social Media: the fastest and safest way to acquire links in bunches
  • The 12 critical metrics you must measure to learn whether or not your competition is beatable
  • How to use a simple text file to ensure more targeted web page indexing
  • Site Architecture; how to make sure your website is easy for search engines to index
  • How to Choose the Ideal Domain Name
  • How to discover who’s linking to your competitors
  • … and much MORE!

To quote Stephen Mahaney, CEO of Planet Ocean Communications, the man behind this award-winning book:

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