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Do you find it challenging to produce new content for your company’s website and get it uploaded? Do you need to crank out more high-quality content but feel that a lack of time, ideas, or resources is holding you back? Me too. Yet, Content at Scale AI writer may be the solution you’re looking for.

As a Senior SEO and Digital Marketer, I have recently evaluated many artificial intelligence content writing platforms and tools. And Content at Scale is one the best tool I’ve seen. Initially, I had my doubts. I know these AI writing tools have a high and steep learning curve. When I finally tried it, I couldn’t believe how easy it made writing in-depth blog posts that followed all the standards I’d set.

I will closely examine the Content at Scale AI writer’s key features in this blog post. I’ll reveal the pros and cons of using this AI writing tool and who it’s made for. You’ll learn what you can create with Content at Scale AI writer and how it can help with SEO optimization and plagiarism detection. I’ll also cover the pricing and alternatives to this tool.

Lastly, I’ll answer frequently asked questions about the Content at Scale AI writing tool before finalizing whether it’s right for your business.

What is Content at Scale AI Writer?

Content at Scale (CaS) is an AI-powered tool that can rapidly and efficiently generate written content for various uses, such as blog posts, product descriptions, and social media updates. However, as with ALL AI writing tools, reviewing and editing the output to ensure its quality before publishing is crucial.

CaS can generate a 2,500+ word article (containing a title, meta description, short content checklists, and FAQs) in under five minutes for a selected longtail keyword.

In addition, CaS allows you to generate content from a video, podcast, or URL. Content at Scale can adapt any source, whether it is a YouTube video that you think would make a fantastic post or a competitor’s piece of writing that you like.

Content at Scale AI writing generator

Key Features of Content at Scale

Content at Scale AI Writer has multiple features, making it an attractive content creation tool for businesses and solopreneurs.

  • Natural language processing: This AI Writer tool uses complex layers from three AI engines and an additional two language processing and semantic analysis algorithms.
  • Produce entire blog posts: It produces an article with a single stroke. The tone of voice, word count, and other aspects are customizable according to your needs.
  • Automated SEO: It can automatically optimize your written content for search engines by including relevant keywords throughout.
  • Plagiarism detection: The tool is equipped with powerful AI algorithms that detect and flag any plagiarism instances in the content, allowing you to review and correct articles before publishing.
  • WordPress Plugin: Since this system is WordPress-compatible, optimizing and publishing your material is a breeze. The publication process may even be scheduled.
  • Collaboration and feedback: Allows easy collaboration between teams, with an in-built commenting system enabling instant feedback on your work. A customers community is also available,
  • Easy integration: Quickly and easily integrates into preexisting processes thanks to compatibility with widely used content management systems like WordPress or Shopify.
  • Cost savings: It handles everything associated with writing, saving you time and money.

Content at Scale AI Writer can assist online businesses of all sizes to create content quickly and affordably.

Pros and Cons of Content at Scale AI Writer

Pros – Here’s What I Like About Content at Scale

  • Produce long-form content in large quantities.
  • In a single burst, it may produce a 2,500+ words article.
  • Provides semantic keywords that improve search engine results page rankings.
  • A content editor and advanced text formatting are included.
  • Produce articles in bulk by importing a CSV file containing your targeted keywords.
  • Passes AI detectors.
  • Free plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape.
  • The platform is easy to use, so you don’t need to watch several how-to tutorials.
  • Affiliate scheme that pays well

Cons – Here’s What I Don’t Like About Content at Scale

  • No keyword research feature inside.
  • Best used for long-form content, so if you’re looking to write copy for a landing page or advertisement, look into other AI solutions.
  • Not the cheapest NLP writing tool.

While the algorithms used by Content at Scale are robust and effective, as I previously stated (available for ALL ai writing software and tools), some articles will lack the touch that only a very human editor or writer can provide. This may lead to a lack of diversity or personalization in your tone or style. Additionally, quality control may become more challenging as volume increases.

Who is Content at Scale AI Writer Made For?

Content at Scale AI writer caters to businesses of any size that need to create quality content fast, focusing on those requiring high-volume output regularly.

  • Content marketers: Content marketers who must write many high-quality blog articles, social media updates, email newsletters, and more can benefit from CaS.
  • Digital agencies: CaS AI writer can be a valuable tool for digital agencies that handle content creation for multiple clients. It enables them to efficiently meet their clients’ content demands and maintain consistent quality across various projects.
  • Publishers: Whether news articles, magazine content, or book summaries, publishers can leverage the AI Writer to produce a large volume of written content quickly and cost-effectively. It can assist with content expansion or meet tight deadlines.
  • SEOs: Use the AI Writer to generate optimized content incorporating targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and relevant headings. It helps improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic to websites.
  • Startups and small businesses: CaS offers startups and small businesses a cost-effective solution for content creation. It allows them to produce engaging and professional content without needing a dedicated writing team or outsourcing to expensive agencies.
  • Content creators and bloggers: Content at Scale can be a helpful tool for individual content creators and bloggers who want to scale their output or need assistance generating ideas and drafts. It provides them with a resourceful writing companion.
  • Affiliates: They can benefit significantly from using CaS as it saves time and money compared to hiring human writers. The platform generates content for various industries, ensuring that users can produce diverse forms of content on multiple platforms without compromising quality.
  • E-commerce businesses: Online retailers can benefit from the AI Writer to generate product descriptions, category pages, and other content related to their products. It helps them save time and resources while ensuring consistent and engaging product information.

Content at Scale Overview

With its state-of-the-art interface, engaging tone of voice, and intuitive user interface, CaS AI writer makes content creation a breeze! Businesses can create long-form content and access multiple ai engines’ sophisticated plagiarism checker that detects duplicate content across various platforms like emails, blogs, or social media channels.

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or freelancer writer looking for a detection tool to improve your content production game, Content at Scale AI Writer has got you covered!

Create Long-Form Articles with Content at Scale

Create new content by selecting the Project menu, then “New Project.” Then, fill the forms with relevant information, such as the name, URL, context, monthly posts, audience, voice, and word count. Hit the “Create Project” button.

Content at Scale project details

A new window appears, asking for specifics like the keyword I want to rank for and the desired word count. Then I’ll go ahead and click “Create Content Now.”

Content at Scale keyword

A whole new blog post is generated via CaS in under five minutes. A table of contents and various “takeaways” sections that condense entire paragraphs are generated automatically. I’m blown away! While this article will need human intervention to polish, CaS has a robust editor to reduce development time.

Side Note: Content at Scale lets you produce numerous articles at once by uploading a CSV file containing how many keywords you desire. It generates the highest quality ai output and copies you’ll need.

Editing Your Content at Scale New Article

It’s time to polish the article up a little now. My priority is to check it for any grammatical errors. So, I will put the post into my “secret” weapon – the intelligence grammar checker named Grammarly!

To begin, Grammarly underlines any errors that should be fixed. To correct the problem, I chose the highlighted suggestion. The Grammarly score improves within two minutes, and my article is error-free. That’s awesome!

After checking for grammatical errors, I need to perform two more actions. Check for instances of plagiarism in the article – Grammarly has a solid plagiarism checker, and I advise you to use it. And finally, I always check my writing to be as human as possible. I use the Content at Scale’s AI Detector daily (I’ll show you later what this tool is). Getting a perfect score of 100 percent means a human wrote the article – fantastic!

Surfer SEO Score Content at Scale

As the last step, I want to improve my on-page SEO. Although CaS has an on-page SEO checklist, I suggest utilizing the more sophisticated Surfer SEO. My article’s SEO score has room for improvement, so I can quickly insert the NLP keywords Surfer SEO recommends. I aim to get my article an SEO score of 80 or above. If you don’t know what this tool is, read here my full Surfer SEO review.

Content at Scale AI Detector

When producing large volumes of content, ensure that your writing is original and NOT considered AI-generated. That’s where the Content at Scale AI Detector comes in handy.

Content at Scale AI Detector

This is an innovative AI-powered tool that helps detect and identify AI-generated content. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze text and determine whether it was generated by a human or an artificial intelligence system, providing valuable insights for content assessment and verification purposes.

To create AI-free, high-quality blog posts and content that resonates with your target audience, you should use Content at Scale AI Detector.

Content at Scale Additional Features

CaS allows you to produce lengthy pieces using some other cool features.

  • WordPress Integration: This plugin uses the WordPress API to connect to your site. It’s useful since it automatically streamlines the process of publishing new posts.
  • Team Management: Collaborating with others on projects is possible.
  • Support Hundreds of Languages: The text is now written entirely in your target language rather than a mere translation.
  • White Label: It is now possible to incorporate white labeling into a subdomain of your WordPress site.

Content at Scale Pricing

Okay, this sounds fantastic. If so, how much is it, and where do I sign up?

Well, there’s a catch – Content at Scale is expensive. Other AI writing services are available for under $100 per month. Yet, Content at Scale’s service is more costly than others due to their technology and the expense needed to generate unique one-shot posts.

Content at Scale Pricing

Pricing for CaS varies depending on customization levels and the number of monthly generated articles; no word count. However, it’s crucial to note that this AI tool may not be ideal for every business due to its limitations in handling highly specialized or complex topics. Despite these limitations, Content at Scale is a top-tier NLP writing tool that utilizes advanced semantic analysis algorithms to produce high-quality content.

Content at Scale pricing is structured in three tiers as follows:

  • Solo Plan: $250 for 8 posts per month ($31/post)
  • Starter Plan: $500 for 20 posts per month ($25/post)
  • Scaling Plan: $1,000 for 50 posts per month ($20/post)
  • Agency Plan: $1,500 for 100 posts per month ($15/post)

You can buy additional posts at the rate of your plan. There is also a 7-day trial available. If you don’t use all your credits in a month, they’ll roll over for over six months.

Content at Scale’s “Done for You” service creates high-quality, SEO-rich content for your site without your involvement. The team will undertake keyword research (you choose the targets), run their system, edit and optimize 20 articles monthly, generate quality content, and post it straight on your site with a daily publication schedule.

Content at Scale Discount (secret offer)

I partner with Content at Scale; therefore, I have secured a special offer only for you. How do 20 more monthly credits and 20% off price FOREVER sound? Fantastic, right? The two of us agreed.

Please find out how to save money with our Content at Scale offer.

Content at Scale real customer review

Become a Content at Scale Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate for Content at Scale is a straightforward process that offers numerous benefits. You can earn additional income by referring new users to Content at Scale, making it an excellent opportunity for bloggers and freelancers. The user-friendly interface and high-quality results provided by the semantic analysis algorithms and AI engines make it an ideal writing tool to be promoted by affiliates to media sites and content agencies.

Here are some agency benefits of using CaS and how they create content in just a few minutes:

Content at Scale agency benefits

To learn more about how to become an affiliate, click here.

Content at Scale AI Writer Alternatives

Other ai writing tools are available if you seek alternatives to Content at Scale AI writer. Some good choices include Jasper AI, Surfer AI, Scalenut, and Writesonic. Each device boasts unique features that can help streamline your content creation process.

Content at Scale Vs. Jasper AI

Content at Scale AI is a platform that generates long-form content, such as blog posts, at a large scale. It is ideal for content marketers, agencies, and publishers who require high-volume content production. Long-form stuff can be written using Jasper AI, but the quality isn’t on pace with material from CaS, and you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to figure out how to generate content ready for publication. Jasper is invaluable to me when it comes to creating headlines and other forms of short-form marketing materials. Regarding compelling writing and short-form copywriting, Jasper AI outperforms Content at Scale.

=> Read my full Jasper AI review.

Content at Scale Vs. Surfer AI

Content at Scale and Surfer AI are distinct AI tools with different focuses. Content at Scale specializes in generating high-quality written content at a large scale. Surfer AI, on the other hand, is an SEO-focused platform. It provides data-driven insights and optimization recommendations for improving search engine rankings. Surfer AI analyzes the content and offers suggestions to enhance keyword usage, structure, readability, and overall SEO performance. It helps content creators and SEO professionals create and optimize content for better organic visibility. A big plus for Surfer AI here!

=> Read my full Surfer AI review.

Scalenut is a cheaper AI writing tool that assists businesses in creating high-quality, unique content. Utilizing natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms, Scalenut generates custom-tailored long-form content optimized for SEO. Its human-like approach makes it stand out from other AI content writing tools. The platform comes equipped with plagiarism detection, so you can rest easy knowing your content is original. Additionally, Scalenut offers affordable pricing options without compromising on quality.

Writesonic is yet another alternative if you’re seeking AI-powered writing software that can swiftly create high-quality long-form articles. You may quickly produce content for various purposes using pre-made designs like social media posts, blogs, articles, etc. Tools for detecting plagiarism and improving your writing are available before you complete your writing.


Is Content at Scale Legit?

Content at Scale is a legitimate AI tool for creating and managing high volumes of content using automation and technology. It can benefit businesses with significant online presence or regular content needs, but it’s not suitable for everyone and depends on factors like budget, goals, and target audience.

What is Content at Scale?

CaS is an AI writing software that creates high-quality content to reach a broad audience and drive traffic. It requires careful planning and management, making it ideal for competitive industries or establishing authority. Not all businesses may have the resources or goals to scale pricing content to suit this approach.

Is Content at Scale Writing Detectable by AI?

While AI can detect poorly executed or robotic content at Scale, high-quality writing and AI-written content incorporating natural language and storytelling elements is indistinguishable from human-written content. Nonetheless, businesses should view Content at Scale as a tool to efficiently create quality content while maintaining a human touch.

Does Content at Scale have a free trial?

Content at Scale offers free trials lasting 7 days, allowing you to test their service before subscribing. Read the terms and conditions carefully, as some may require upfront credit card information or auto-enrollment in a paid subscription if not canceled before the trial ends.


As I end this Content at Scale review, let me go and say this: CaS is a powerful AI copywriting software that can help businesses of all sizes write long-form content with minimal editing. From freelancers to media sites, the features and benefits of this AI-generated content tool make it an excellent investment for anyone looking to streamline their creative writing process.

That being said, the content is good enough out of the box for a lower to medium-level niche site looking to create quickly and index a lot of content. But will you use CaS on one of your authoritative sites? At the very least, you’ll want to hire a writer to add personality to your articles, double-check everything for accuracy, and protect yourself against algorithm changes.

Like any AI tool, it has its pros and cons. Consider your business needs and goals before investing in Content at Scale AI writer.

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