Follow More Internet Marketers on Twitter

Follow More Internet Marketers on Twitter

After my previous article, I receive a lot of requests to continue finding more internet marketers that use Twitter.

OK, vox populi…

I compile a new and final (!) list below. And DON’T trust people who claim that Twitter is DEAD! As a matter of fact, Twitter is stronger than ever.

Enjoy reading… (Jeff Johnson) – welcome buddy to Twitter! (Filsame’s Affiliate Manager) (Dr. Ron Capps) – sorry, but never understood WHY people add “Dr.” to their name!? (DLGuard developer) – hey mate, follow me!! (GetResponse owner) (welcome to the “T-club”!) (Gauher Chaudhry) (great to see you here!) (Traffic Cafe Internet TV Channel – nice job!) (Seth Godin) (Mark Victor Hansen) (the wine guy – cheers!) (Robert Scoble) (Michael Arrington) (Carrie Wilkerson) (Joe Vitale) (Vishen Lakhiani – 1/2 of the MindValley “Shining Stars”) (yeap, the Adwords guru) (thanks for the order button!) (Joe Polish) (Dr. Andy Williams – another Doc!) (Jeremy Palmer) (developer of OptiLink, OptiSpider) (Mike Stewart) (Tim Ferriss – do you work 4 hrs/day?) (Jim Boykin) (most well-known Goog’ guy) (Jason Katzenbac) (Ann Handley, ( CEO – Tony) (Pete Cashmore) (Kenneth Yu, author of Twitter Salvation System)

And as a grand closing, here’s a few popular Tweeters: (Dalai Lama) (The Terminator!) (Richard Branson)

BTW, if you see Bruce Springsteen on Twitter just let me know, OK?

Finally, don’t forget to follow me! I’m on my way to becoming a guru…



  1. Hi, Great post! I felt great reading your blog post. I’m working with my friend in a small internet marketing business as a web developer. When I’m free I go around for some IT info

  2. Thanks for writing, I very much enjoyed reading your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you obviously have talent for blogging!

  3. Nice post, lots of marketers twitter account very interesting…

  4. Very good list. Like to be added if you have time.



  5. Very nice, I was looking for people on twitter just the other day and you have done all the work for me. Thanks a bunch!

  6. this is a great list you have here… and don’t forget to have me added with my growing list of followers… and if you may want me to tweet your messages that has something to do with internet marketing… feel free to email me your RSS and will be glad to have yours sent to everyone in my network..

  7. Hey, i basically thought i’d write and let you know the actual personal blogs layout is seriously messed up on the K-Melon browser. In any case keep up the fine the work.

  8. Thanks for the post. Since I’m only just making the move to Twitter (yes, I know, I’m kind of late to the party), your list has helped me get started finding Internet Marketer’s and already I’ve found quite a few of their tweets informative. Cheers!

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