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Twitter launched Vine early this year, but by June, it had already surpassed 14 million users, Fox Business reports. It’s six-second format resonates with viewers in a very big way.

Many organizations are already taking advantage of Vine to boost their business. This mobile app is somewhat like a mix between Twitter and YouTube, allowing users to capture six-second looping videos from their mobile devices and share them online. It is quick and easy to share via Twitter and Facebook, with no additional steps or apps needed.

Vine online and offline marketing

E-commerce merchants and all types of businesses are discovering Vine’s value and reaping its benefits as an online marketing tool, such as Gap’s, “We’re in a summer daze! Aren’t you?,” which promotes the apparel company’s new clothing line in order to capture the attention of people across the globe.

By exploring some of the ways you can be creative utilizing these short videos, you can help your business jump on this lucrative marketing platform. This strategy allows you to effectively communicate your brand’s story.

Human beings are naturally inclined to respond to visual storytelling, Smedio reports, which is why it works so well. The Vine message should be expressed in a concise concept that people will remember and even want to share.

Ideas for Promotion with Vine

Promotion with Vine can be especially successful when you learn to be creative with it. Since the platform is popular with users, businesses can jump in and make their own marks on the network.

It’s important to spend some time brainstorming about how you can convey a short but effective message about your brand using a Vine clip. Consider some of these options to spark an idea…

Ask a question or engage your readers. You can use your video to ask a question and engage your network. Encourage people to respond in their own videos or in the comments.

Display your work or product. Another great way to use Vine for business is to highlight what you do or what you sell in a short video. It’s more interactive than a picture and even more effective. Oreo is one of the top brands on Vine, and uses this option effectively.

Celebrate holidays or events. Get in the spirit of the holiday with your network, or highlight an event, sale or cultural day in your Vine video.

Show a behind-the-scenes view of what you do. You can go behind the scenes of your workplace and show what you or your employees do on a typical day. Or, show part of the stages of a product being made.

Build hype for a new product or service. Want to get followers excited about your new service or product? Consider some fun videos to build the hype. Xbox is a great example of this, as they do it continually from its Vine.

Educate and inform. One of the simplest and oldest forms of content marketing is to educate or inform the reader. You can now do this with quick and simple videos shared online with Vine.

Hold or promote a contest. You can also use Vine to highlight a contest you are running, or even to hold a contest on the video itself. is known for its fun, interesting and sometimes quirky social campaigns. The site is no stranger to Vine contests, either.

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Because Fiber Internet providers are now offering data plans that are faster and more efficient than ever before, with people watching videos on everything from their home PCs to their mobile phones and other devices, businesses will have the chance to get videos in front of a very wide range of viewers. How has your business used Vine?

Vine open opportunities for brands to drive engagement with it’s 6-second media format. As this infographic shows there is more to Vine that you might think.

Vine infographic marketing

Here are some fast tips for creating a successful Vine video:

  • Always use hashtags
  • Create how-to video content
  • The distribution strategy is key to success
  • Craft content to match the call to action
  • Be creative!

If you haven’t jumped on the Vine bandwagon yet, do it now because this platform is taking over the social media world by storm.

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