Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Did you ask yourself why 85% of the affiliates don’t have a chance to make a reasonable amount of money from affiliate programs? What affiliate marketing mistake lowers your profit? What are the hidden secrets beyond the successful affiliates? Did you know how top affiliates earn up to $(4,000-10,000) a month?

Why most entrepreneurs can’t do the same thing?

Well, there are many answers to this question. A point to start could be one of the articles you can view on the Internet Marketing Profits Center website. If you want to know everything about ‘How To’ in the affiliates programs field, check the affiliates report and then come back.

…OK, you’re back.

It’s good – relax and listen carefully. Today I will reveal only one simple internet marketing strategy… but what a powerful concept to skyrocket your profits with minimal investments!

Let’s take as an example your website (if you already have one). I’m 100% convinced you to have AT LEAST one banner or related links to an affiliate program. That’s good… in one way.

When you set up these pages, the next logical step is to attract traffic, make people click on your banner/link, and wait for them to order your affiliate product/service. If you read the articles from my website carefully, you realize one thing: you need a LOT of traffic to make affiliate sales.

Believe me, and this is not an easy task. Especially these days, you’ll need ONLY VERY TARGETED PROSPECTS for your web pages.

The equation is very simple: TARGETED PROSPECTS = AFFILIATE SELLS!

You need to find those people interested in your affiliate product/service over the Net. And the best way to attract them is to show them the benefits of your affiliate unit, or, in other words, to PREsell your affiliate product/service.

You work hard and get targeted traffic to your website. Let’s presume that John Doe came to one of your pages and saw your banner/link (I suggest you use advertorials; this will dramatically increase your chances of making people click on your links).

There are only 2 choices here:

1) The worst: he left your page because he didn’t have an interest in your mark;

2) The good one: he clicks on your banner/link.

If you’re part of a top affiliate program, you can make sales through the owner’s sales letter.

If the product/service is sold for $150, you can make $(45-65) per unit. If the product/service is only $29, your commission will be $(9-20). And this is ALL you get! The guys make big bucks ONLY with their units to sell. Period.

Simple facts: you work hard and generate 100 unique prospects for one of your affiliate web pages. If the sales message is REAL GOOD, we’ll assume that 10% of them will buy one unit of $29 value. Your commissions will be $100 ($10 per unit sold x 10 units sold).

Hmmm… not too much for you. After all, you work a lot to attract traffic and get only $100. What to say if you PAY for the traffic… Let me ask you this:

Question #1 — Are you satisfied with your commission ($100)? If you’re like me, I hope the answer is NO.

Question #2 — What happened to the 90 visitors who arrived at the owner’s website and didn’t make a purchase?

The answer: you LOSE them! And you LOSE MONEY!

So, what is the worst thing you can do online as an affiliate that will cost you thousands of dollars in profits every year?

Promote an affiliate program and allow someone else to build THEIR list and business (i.e. the owners of affiliate programs!). At the same time, you LOSE in profits because you didn’t receive the MAXIMUM BENEFITS FROM YOUR EFFORTS!

Again, what to do?

All right now, think about another scenario. The same John Doe arrives at your pages. Since you’re a smarter ‘Netpreneur, instead of getting him to click on your banner/link, you give him the possibility to subscribe to your mailing list and offer him an incentive regarding/or not, to the most productive affiliate programs you’re in (like an eCourse, free report, ebook, poll, contest, etc.). A piece of good advice is to read my Email Marketing category, where I clearly explain a 4 step way to increase your email list profits by night.

Did you see the BIG differences? You’ve got John Doe’s email address and his permission to contact him again and again! Contact with what? Of course, with other offers from affiliate programs (presuming you don’t have your product/service to sell)!

BEWARE: Be a good Net citizen! Always stop when John Doe asks you. Act like a real pro — ALWAYS! Unless you want to get into bigger troubles online…

Now let’s see what you can do over a full year. If your average commission will be $20 over a year and you offer John Doe good products/services information, you can makeover 4 sales per year. That’s $80 ONLY from John Doe!

If you capture all the above 100 prospects email addresses, presuming that only 10% of them will buy, you make $800 over a year ($80 per visitor x 10 buyers)! You don’t have to be the next Einstein to see that $800 in commissions looks much better than $100! Imagine now that you grow your list every month and finally get 10,000 subscribers. Do yourself the math… (I can tell you, it is $80,000/year!)

Smile – you just discovered the MOST HIDDEN SECRET of SUPER affiliates. I hope this will help you improve your annual commissions!

FINAL THOUGHTS: if you don’t have your product/service to sell and want to make money from affiliate programs, it’s time to take control of your affiliate marketing. Here’s a simple plan for you to follow up and I guarantee your affiliate commissions will skyrocket:

Step 1 — Build a 100+ page website.

Pay attention to your home page; make it search-engine friendly. This is EXTREMELY important! Even better, if you have the power to link 3-5 of your websites together, I’m sure you’ll win the search engine war.

The key is to provide VALUABLE information inside your pages. If you provide your readers with useful and fresh content in your free stuff, you’ll find that many prospects will become buyers.

Step 2 — Do something to capture your visitor’s email addresses.

These steps are easy to accomplish. Try to offer them an eCourse, free report, ebook, poll, or contest. Upload them to your favorite autoresponder, and you automate an entire process.

This won’t cost you anything! Just remember to download your autoresponder logs every week or two. A good tip: before you start, ALWAYS test your web forms, autoresponder messages, links, etc., to see if they are settling down correctly!

Step 3 — Drive traffic to your web forms.

HIGHLY TARGETED TRAFFIC is the blood of your business. Doesn’t matter too much if the traffic is high or low. It matters only about the quality of your prospects – and how you can transform them quickly into lifetime customers.

Step 4 — Work the back end.

Try to offer your prospects affiliate products/services they want badly. The best way to discover what people want is to conduct a survey.

A carefully constructed survey (sent by e-mail or posted online) can be a powerful weapon to learn exactly how they feel about you and your affiliate products or services – valuable insights that allow you to TURBO-CHARGE YOUR PROFITS. Conducting an online or email survey always gives you the chance to:

  • understand your potential buyers’ interests, challenges, values, and lifestyles
  • re-writing the benefits emphasized in your advertising promotional
  • discover new or under-served market niches
  • spotting fads and market trends quickly and capitalizing on them before your greatest competitors do.

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