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Building an online business presence can be very intimidating, to say the least. This is due to the fact that there are many things that need to be set in place before your online website keeps off in earnest. One platform where most people get a good way of creating content for their blog is WordPress.

However, the problem is that businesses and individuals may not have an idea of the management tools which would allow you to manage your account on the platform more effectively.

Also, going through all the management tools which are to help your project function better can be tiring and quite lengthy. For this reason, we have decided to highlight the top project management tools which can be used on the WordPress platform. These tools include:


If you are looking for a tool that can be used to run your online business effectively, then Orbis is just the perfect management tool for you. You would simply be astonished when going through some features that this plugin on WordPress offers to its users. CRM, intranet features are just some of the features which are offered when using Orbis.

Therefore if you are the type of entrepreneur who would prefer to see his business be more organized and to acquire a good measure of control over businesses owned by you, you would be sure to find the use of Orbis very profitable to you. This management tool would give you the opportunity to add a variety of projects to your WordPress platform, accommodate the regular addition of new or existing customers, and gives you the ability to customize your website to your choice of preferences.

In other words, Orbis allows you to have a website that really expresses the idea which you are trying to sell. It also gives you the opportunity to translate the content from one language to another. The most amazing thing about this plugin is that it is offered at no charge at all. This makes it a very good option when choosing a good management tool.

Kanban Boards

This tool is also known as visual workflow features. This simply means that this management tool would allow you to add workflow tools that are visual in nature to the website. The reasons why Kanban boards are a good fit for your website or business are numerous. For one, Kanban boards have a lot of features such as tracking your sales, scheduling content, the recruitment of employees. By using Kanban boards, you would be ensuring that your business workflows continue to work more efficiently.

As if that is not enough, the Kanban boards give their users a simple but yet amazing interface that would help you to customize your website according to your preference. This simply shows that the Kanban boards are a great management tool to use. The best aspect is that it is free, so you do not have to spend a fortune to get all these features.

Project Panorama

For businesses who are looking for ways to improve their relationships with their various customers, this is the management tool for them. This is due to the fact that it comes with a dashboard that is visual in nature. This dashboard has the ability to provide the user’s access to all the projects immediately as they want it. It also affords the users the choice to customize their interaction with their clients by creating a dashboard with the ability to show all the projects which you are handling for them.

This management tool would also allow having all the projects which you have with the clients discussed in an area or location which would be considered to be convenient for both parties. This management tool is also very mobile-friendly and has the ability to translate languages.


This is one management tool that is ideal for the creation of projects and can afford you less stress which would result from assigning tasks and having to communicate with all members of your team. For people who desire a bit of simplicity in their lives which would help them keep things in their place well organized.

It also allows its users the opportunity to alter or terminate any project which they do no longer feel like following up on. Some other features which have been made available by this tool are the fact that it is very easy to install and it can support the use of more than one language.

WP Project Manager

Popularly known as the best plugin which is on offer on WordPress currently, this management tool would simply give attention to all your needs. This combined with the fact that it has the ability to relate directly with WordPress certainly gives it an edge over other types of plugins.it would also give users the chance to be able to tag a project as to whether they are complete or incomplete.

It has a great navigation system which makes it easy for its users to make use of it. For all its amazing features, the fact that it comes free of charge is simply too remarkable to behold. There is no doubt that users would be delighted to have such management tools at their disposal for no price at all

Task Manager

This is a plugin that is known to be frightening fast in terms of its performance level. This can be seen in the way that it creates tasks and projects with minimal fuss and demands very little navigation.

It allows you to arrange all that you need to do according to the dates and you can expect to hear and see comments which are made by your team members concerning the date which has been fixed and the time spent. This tool is free which would offer a big boost while considering whether to choose it or not.


Having a management tool would really help you take charge of your business. There, consider which one would benefit you in the long term and choose accordingly.

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