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That’s a really great headline. I like it so much! I even included in my newsletter subscribing web page.

Today I want to share with you something different. In the past few weeks, I saw many internet marketing pros’ publishing their newsletter issues on their blogs. Hhmmm…

Well, I cannot agree 100% and certainly will not fit my situation. You know, a regular issue of my Internet Marketing Profits Newsletter have normally up to 4-5,000 words! You get plenty of solid internet marketing profit tips on every issue, so normally, considering the length, it will be very hard for me to post it here.

But you know what, I found a simple way to keep you up-to-date with my latest tips. So, from now on, I will post into my Internet Profits Blog only a few paragraphs from every article I wrote (me or my contributors). And I will give you a link back to my full online version.

internet marketing genius

So let’s get started, right? The latest issue includes:

1) “What Is Blogging And Why Should I Blog?”

In this article, you will learn what blogging really is and why you should start blogging. Unless you’ve been completely Internet-free for the past several months to a year, you have probably heard about these “blog” sites but you may not know what a blog is. Or perhaps you know what a blog is but you want to learn more about how blogs are being used and if blogging is something you could benefit from.

In this article, you will learn exactly what blogging is and what blogging is not, and why you should or should not start blogging. I will attempt to demystify the definition of blogging if you absolutely aren’t quite sure what a blog really is.

A blog is generally defined as an online journal that is updated frequently and where your articles are listed in reverse chronological order when they are published. That means your articles are published with the most recent article listed first in date and time order.

2) “Three Smart Netpreneurs Share Their Secrets to Earning More Than $100,000 a Year From Home”

Every so often, I like to use an issue of this newsletter to share the online success stories of some of my students and fellow Internet entrepreneurs.

It’s a great opportunity for all of us (myself included) to see how some of you are using the kinds of strategies I teach for growing your business and boosting your profits!

All too often, I see entrepreneurs trying to market their businesses a dozen different ways all at once… and not really succeeding at any of them! If you have many different marketing strategies in place, and you find that none of them are really getting you’re the results you need, try focusing on just one and giving it all you’ve got. I think the results might surprise you!

As you read the case studies below, remember that these are “real people” just like you and me. Each one of these entrepreneurs focuses on the key marketing strategy they think will benefit their business, does it well, maximizes profits, and then moves on to develop their business further. You’re an internet marketing genius, right?

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