Best WordPress Themes

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Starting a new website using WordPress (or even better, using WordPress themes) platform is relatively easy, but generating sales and most importantly keeping your visitors engaged requires most of all great design. In WordPress, you have access to a plethora of theme designs and you can test each one to see which works best for you.

However, if you want to make your site unique, you need to use premium themes or create one for yourself.

What Makes a WordPress Theme Exceptional?

A truly good WordPress theme goes beyond aesthetic perfection to offer solid core functionality and administrative features. There may be hundreds of WordPress themes, but they are not all equal.

For blogging, a theme must consider the needs of both the reader and the publisher.

  • Easy to understand and follow instructions on how to setup the theme
  • Flexible layouts or easy to customize templates
  • SEO and Social network integration
  • Clear, beautiful typography and custom fonts support
  • Shortcodes or Post Formats for easy styling of post content
  • WordPress image support
  • Innovative ways of displaying visual content
  • Clean, current and semantic code
  • Knowledgeable and prompt support/customer service
  • Mobile and tablet friendly versions (if available – and it should, that’s the future in search!)

Below are a handful of critical elements to look for when evaluating themes to ensure they offer the absolute best functionality, are easy to customize and can stand the test of time.

Fusion WordPress Theme

Fusion is a super-modern WordPress theme which takes the visual design to the next level. It combines fun and professionalism into one awesome package. This theme is great for business startups, tech companies or design firms – but it can easily be tweaked and adapted to whatever website you have in mind. It will impress your visitors with it’s cutting-edge style. Fusion theme have tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images or fluid style.

Fusion WordPress Theme

Fusion theme has a fluid width, which means is totally flexible – the theme stretches fully across all screen size but also has the ability to shrink fit to any other screen size. Hence, you can view content in a smartphone or tablet without compromising the quality of the site. To do that, Fusion uses CSS media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. If you have been looking for a simple and professional layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly, then Fusion is definitely the theme you need.

All the critical features are inside, including custom widgets, social network links, SEO support, fonts, forms or image flexibility. The Fusion theme comes with 7 pre-made page templates which you can use for a variety of pages that are most commonly used in any site. On top of that, there also a wide range of short codes which you can use to create different looking pages for specific use.

Nimble WordPress Theme

Nimble is an extremely flexible premium WordPress theme that comes with five unique color schemes and a fully responsive design. You can use this WordPress theme for your portfolio, company site or personal blog.

Nimble is a big and beautiful theme that doesn’t let it’s own style get in the way. The design struggle to strike a perfect balance between style and function. Nimble’s colors are toned down but still delicious and it’s style is bold but still leaves room to breath. Needless to say, Nimble’s my favorite WordPress theme and that’s why I choose it for this site! Of course, I add to the theme a little of my “personal” touch so it can fit to my site general idea.

Nimble WordPress Theme

The homepage comes with a full-width image slider for your featured images and elaborate layout options which can be chosen as per your specific requirements. You can include thumbnail images, galleries with jQuery effects and also a pricing page in the homepage (which doesn’t appear into the above image because it went to large). The theme comes with embedded social media icons and a widget ready layout. There’s also an easy to use theme options panel that included shortcodes by which you can customize the design scheme as per your needs.

Nimble WordPress Theme comes with 6 ready made templates for your convenience. If those 6 templates are not enough, there are a vast selection of ready coded shortcodes which you can use to create dedicated pages of your own. And I use this feature plenty on my site… look at the blog and other pages I create with different functions!

Browsing Nimble on a 27″ display is quite a treat, but so is browsing the theme on a small screen as well, due to Nimble’s fully responsive design. Nimble uses CSS media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone. If you have been looking for a simple and professional layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly, then Nimble is definitely the theme for you.

This theme is W3C compliant and undergo frequent security audits. Page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create additional and unique forms of content. You can easily create galleries, contact pages, sitemaps, blog feeds and much more.

The Nimble theme has a neat layout without any wastage of space. It has a very clean and uncluttered yet you will not feel that the theme looks “empty” and void of contents. Using big bold fonts for the slider in the home page and title areas, the designer achieved the very important first impression effect that will be entrenched in th”e minds of visitors after one visit.

I highly suggest you to use Nimble if this theme is right for your site idea!

eStore WordPress Theme

The Estore Worpress theme was unquestionably laid out in such a way to utilize all the space on the site – everything is nicely centered. You have the very top area menu area which can be used for things related to your business, support, about us, shopping cart and sitemap with a search field to the far right.

Below this you have a more prominent darker menu with beautiful white lettering which makes it really stand out (changeable if you want). You can distinctly tell that the creator did not hold back when they designed this theme.

eStore WordPress Theme

Underneath the main menu you have the slider which is very unique and catchy. It displays 3 hanging frames with images in and as each one is rotated through the larger version shows to the left of it. Plus, there’s a description for each frame, triggered by posts you made.

Below this you have another featured slider displaying individual products with their pricing. Clicking on any of these takes you to a page where you can see a close up of that image alone with other color variations of the product, a price and add to cart button.

In the next area you have the main products and a right sidebar that displays recent products, company information, and links to other areas in the site. The theme uses a nice related products area beneath the individual product allowing users to search deeper into your online store.

eStore provides an elegant solution for those looking to sell products online. The theme is easy to configure, and offers integration options with some of the most popular (and free) ecommerce plugins, including eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. Also, due to the nature of the design, adding support for additional shopping carts won’t cause a headache.

As the previous themes, eStore is compatible with the most popular internet browsers, have a professional layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly. It’s important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it.

With a large collection of shortcodes, you can create beautiful and complex layouts without having to delve into a sea of complex code. Page templates make your life easier by giving access to pre-made styles and functions, so each template can be applied to an individual page.

Foxy WordPress Theme

Foxy WordPress Theme is a streamlined, all-in-one solution to create an online site and business. From eCommerce integration to responsive design, Foxy includes everything you need to make your site profitable. The themes finds harmony in a symmetry of simple and stumbling design elements.

Foxy is an addition for those who are selling more than a few products online as it certainly will not look too professional to use the same theme for all your online stores. With this theme’s portfolio, blog features and e-commerce support capabilities, you can create a website with great functionality.

Foxy WordPress Theme

Foxy includes a beautiful post slider on front-page to highlight the most important content. The animated slider allows you to display stunning images to catch the attention of your target market. Below, there’s three columns to display some text, integrated with icons to make it more attractive. Build more customer confidence using this section and fill it up with company information and testimonials and quotes from satisfied customers.

To optimize the look of website, Foxy comes with 5 color schemes to apply any suitable color. Theme options panel is very easy to operate so you can customize font style, color, background images/color in no time just using your mouse.

Foxy has great capabilities for pointing your work. You can display your projects using small, medium or large thumbnails with the option to put captions or not. You can create portfolio pages with widget-ready sidebars to show anything you want. By clicking a thumbnail, it opens a light box displaying the image or takes visitors to a page dedicated to the project.

You also get a standard blog page for articles, reports, or announcements to keep subscribers up on with the present goings on within your business.

Features list include: high resolution (1280 wide design), support so you can sell your services, fully responsive (compatible with any screensizes), homepage slider, color picker and pre-made color schemes, custom shortcodes (making configuration easier), comprehensive theme options, 5 different page templates, compatible with most modern browsers, tablet and mobile design, default search engine optimization settings, Google Analytics (or other tracking service) on the Integration page.

The theme has e-commerce integration so you can easily add products to your site – add product descriptions, reviews, ordering options, specials, and more. Buyers can add ratings and reviews to help new customers make a decision.

Foxy is a great theme for your next business or e-store project. This WordPress theme combines beautiful design with powerful function all in one little package. With all the features it has, Foxy is fun, but it doesn’t let anything get in the way of it’s structured and functional layout.

Eleven40 WordPress Theme

Eleven40 theme is designed to present your content in a very professional and unparalleled way. That’s the main reason why this WordPress theme it is useful for content friendly magazine websites or personal blogs where content is everything. With large spaces and three columns, it can integrate large content on the homepage – and that’s the greatest benefit of the theme. Eleven40 it is smart enough to adjust with any mobile devices and any screen size.

Eleven40 WordPress Theme

Eleven40 objectives are to let your great content do the talking with only a minimal assistance from designing elements. Without questions, Eleven40 is designed to wow your audience (readers) at first glance, to show off your best content.

Thus Eleven40 WordPress theme is a great choice for those who wish to setup personal content sharing blog or any news sharing website. The advanced theme is built upon 1140 grid so it’s named 40. The theme has a responsive design.

The intelligent design of Eleven40 will detect mobile users for you, and the display will adjust according to the mobile device detected. The overall theme focuses on expansiveness allowing room for your content.

Eleven40 Theme provides various features like: 6 post/page layout options, 4 theme colors (blue, green, orange, red), custom menus and backgrounds, featured images, footer widgets, threaded comments, extensive options and more.

This theme is a child theme for the Genesis WordPress Framework. As with most child themes, much of the real power and benefits come from the framework, seen through the WordPress admin panel. The Genesis WordPress Framework gives you complete control over the design and layout of your site, and makes it very easy for anyone to design and run their own website without having to know any code.

Amped WordPress Theme

Musicians and music groups are using blogs to communicate with their fans and keep them updated about anything – tours, tickets, songs. They’re busy touring, writing, and signing autographs. They shouldn’t have to worry anymore about making of a website. Amped theme was built to spotlight videos, showcase the show dates, photo sharing, and rich content posting – everything is here to promote a band, built on a rock-solid WordPress code.

Amped WordPress Theme

The best feature of Amped theme is the ability to showcase a featured video at the top of the homepage. Because musicians share their work in online video directories, this is a great way to embed video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo on the bands self-managed site on the Internet.

In addition the Amped theme allows music artists to post content directly below that video in the form of blog posts. Large and lifelike photos can be posted to the site with the custom featured images that are enabled simply by installing and activating the theme. Theme’s page layout can also be configured several ways – choose from any of the following layouts: sidebar/content, content/sidebar, sidebar/sidebar/content, sidebar/content/sidebar, content/sidebar/sidebar, or full width.

Amped is built on the Genesis Framework, a favorite among developers and website administrators. Genesis is reliable, secure, and search engine optimized, ensuring that your site is operating the best at all times. With automatic updates to the Genesis framework, you never have to think about it again… your code will always be up to date and fully optimized.

Amped theme doesn’t come with it’s own set of color customizations, it does come with six unique layout options that will ensure the theme appears in a unique way for each musician who uses it. Musicians who have an “in-house” web designer might modify the theme in order to customize the colors and other design elements that go into creating the website’s appearance for end users.

So Amped it’s not simply a theme that is built to look like it fits the feel of a band’s site. It was designed to allow you to spotlight your latest releases, showcase your videos, get tour dates, and so much more.

Minimum WordPress Theme

With Minimum theme isn’t difficult to work with; however there were a couple of hooks to point out. This WordPress theme is a great selection for anyone looking for a sophisticated but minimalistic design. This is one of the themes that work more like a website than like a blog or content management system.

Minimum WordPress Theme

Minimum Theme consist of features like three layout options(content/sidebar, sidebar/content, full width), custom header background, custom background, featured images, threaded comments, footer widgets, responsive layout, custom page templates, social media integrate, contact page, blog and portfolio page and powerful Genesis Framework (the theme requires the Genesis framework to be installed along with WordPress).

Part of Minimum’s theme is the option for customizing the look of your site. This includes sidebar widget area, two menu areas, and control over what content is displayed in your blog archive pages. Another thing that is great about Minimum is the Portfolio page. Adding your works to the portfolio is as easy as writing a post – and it looks great.

What I really like about Minimum is that you can customize it as much as you want or you can leave it as it is… and it stays super functional. Minimum theme can be used for non-English audiences – it is fully localized. All you need to do is provide translated text.

Minimum child theme is a stunning execution of “less is more”, expresses everything you’re about with very little effort. Clean, elegant, powerful, untied… Minimum – a black and white theme with colored graphic elements.

Avada WordPress Theme

Avada is a clean, modern and flexible WordPress theme that comes with a fully responsive design. This multipurpose WordPress theme has lots of awesome features controlled by Theme Options Panel that make this theme’s backend powerful but not complicated. Those makes the theme have a flexible layout as well as providing you the maximum customization possibility.

Avada WordPress Theme

Avada has two main layout styles, a wide and boxed style. The wide style has a corporate look and lots of white space. The boxed style is another option, especially for designers that want to add a textured background. Avada theme has an impressive typography and a parallax homepage slider (elements on slider move smoothly with different speeds). The parallax slider is the perfect solution to showcase your work on homepage in a very beautiful and effective way.

However, the power of this theme doesn’t stop with it’s sliders. From the powerful admin panel you can customize background colors/textures, create your own post types and choose from 11 custom widgets to add to your site’s functionality. You also have unlimited colors and unlimited sidebars at your “hand” as you design your site’s specific look. 8 pre-identified color skins are available so you can easily alter the entire color scheme with a single click.

Avada theme is a clean and minimalistic design ready for mobile users. The layout is fully responsive and retina ready (good for Macbook and iPad users). By using Avada responsive theme, you won’t worry about loosing any visitors who use small screen devices. This theme looks perfectly on many different screen sizes, even on big screen like smart TV’s.

Avada theme includes a ton of extraordinary user reviews and lots of other awesome features. For example: packed demo content, pick from boxed and extensive mode, full displacement support with nine languages included, limitless colors, 5 amazing sliders, sophisticated portfolio and blog alternatives, lots of shortcodes, custom widgets, custom post sorts, font awesome integration, over 20+ PSD’s incorporated, extensive documentation, custom CSS field, SEO base built-in as well as HD Narrated Video Tutorials.

Creative professionals, bloggers, and businesses are a few of those who can really benefit from this Avada premium WordPress theme. It’s slick and professional enough for businesses but it’s also easy enough to use that those who aren’t programmers should have no trouble figuring out its features and getting the maximum value out of it. It is very intuitive to utilize and completely able to operate out with the box. Avada gives you an awesome boots to get your site noticed.

uDesign WordPress Theme

U-Design is a great theme that allows you to get a professional looking website operational in a short amount of time. U-Design is a top theme earning over 27,000 sales on the popular Themeforest marketplace – and for good reason. It is the most versatile and comprehensive theme available, providing loads of value for a small price. 24,000+ websites are using this WordPress theme… VERY impressive!

uDesign WordPress Theme

The Home Page is completely widget driven and easy to use. It features 11 columns for widgets. There are custom widgets that you may choose to display like the widgets for: recent posts, log-in form, custom category, Google map and subpages widgets. The theme is built using the 960 Grid system, utilizes Google WebFonts and features a menu which will work if JavaScript is disabled.

Another useful feature is the business contact fields that have been pre-formatted for your contact page. You can easily update this through the options page. Security measures include a phone validation feature that can be enabled or disabled and ReCaptcha for added security.

You have an unlimited number of portfolio pages. You can have descriptions for every item in your portfolios and can set up automatic thumbnails for the items in the portfolios as well as choosing how many items per page. You can also add galleries to your website. You can also have your own blog section within your site. The blog pages can have either full width pages or sidebars on the left, right or both as well.

You can display recent posts with just a small amount of text and it’s optional if you wish to add the name of the author and the date. Using the shorter amount of text means you fit more on the main viewing page and if someone wants to read the full particle, they simply click the link.

U-Design is designed keeping SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. This is evident by looking at the source code of the theme. The main content block is positioned above the sidebar so that your content is easily accessible by spiders/crawlers. The implementation of heading tags is brilliant and follows SEO best practices.

This design has audio and video options to support your website in any method of user interaction. Social Media connections are elegant and well designed, with icons that attract attention. Overall layout, functionality and transitions between pages are well laid out, but perfectly modifiable, if desired.

If you want a theme for a new website and you need a great deal of versatility in every way, you can’t go wrong with this U-Design WordPress theme. Everybody wants their own website to be different from everyone else’s site. By utilizing the enormous flexibility, you can stand out from the crowd. No matter what design you wish you accomplish, U-Design gives you the necessary tools to accomplish your task. Together with today’s best premium WordPress theme plugins, you can achieve the greatness in WordPress functionality, design, and profitability.

King Size WordPress Theme

Indubitably, King Size WordPress theme is designed with photographers in mind. As you can see, it’s most outstanding feature is the very large background image that the theme allows you to easily place on your homepage – and change it at your own pace (you can make the background either a custom static image, an image slider or a video, with each page being a different type of background). Also available as an HTML template, King Size theme it’ss perfect for a variety of purposes, although focused towards those using Portfolios to display their past and present work collections.

King Size WordPress Theme

A clean home page and menu placement gives King Size a great look. If you go to the Gallery section of the menu, you’ll see the sub-menu with different gallery pages. If the page title is too long, King Size does not do a good job of displaying the title. The blog page cannot be set to full width so the right column side bar always appears. Having an option for this to be full width would very useful.

Including a variety of options, King Size can be suitable to fit any particular use. Offering you five very different gallery styles (including 4 additional layout styles for ColorBox, FancyBox and PrettyPhoto), with ability to blog about your photos. They include slide viewers and other technologies that allow you to create exactly the image you want for your viewers. The options for your galleries, as well as for all of the other aspects of the site, are controlled from the theme options panel that allows you to make any changes you need without having to touch the code that drives the site – very nice.

Provided with powerful features that allow you to manage galleries in sophisticated ways, this theme is ideal for those who have image content to share online. The theme doesn’t stop with image content, it has all of the features that allow users to make comments and to participate in discussions on your blog.

The theme code is designed to be completely compliant with W3C standards, so you don’t have to worry about anybody’s browser not displaying your website correctly. This theme will display correctly in any of the modern browsers on the market. Unfortunately, King Size theme does not respond on mobile devices, only re-sizes.

The typography on King Size theme is easy to read. For those who need a sophisticated web presence to showcase their artwork, King Size is an excellent choice. The theme makes use of JQuery technology, ensuring that those who don’t have JavaScript activated on their browsers will still be able to see the site. It is also integrated with social networking sites using icons, allowing you to take advantage of the powerful networking services.

The maker of the King Size theme included 8 video tutorials that will help users to understand how to use the theme and how to take advantage of it’s most advanced features. There is also an extensive documentation so that you don’t have to worry about any questions you may have going unanswered.

For a professional or amateur photographer, or any level of visual artist, King Size WordPress theme would make an excellent choice.

Ionosphere WordPress Theme

Ionosphere WordPress Theme is a versatile theme that places the artist’s palette in your hands, through a comprehensive Color Chooser system. The color selection system is completely dynamic, with just a few color choices, but the theme calculates the appropriate tone in conjunction with background pattern parameters.

With this WordPress theme, you can easily put featured content on the Home Page for a better exposure. Ionosphere suited for business, magazine, news and corporate websites.

Ionosphere WordPress Theme

Ionosphere theme gives you full control over customization. The reason why it is included in this list is that to make your theme so unique, you do not need to know coding at all. The homepage supports full customization, design comes with 84 widgetized positions providing flexibility in designing custom layouts. The featured slider of the Ionosphere theme comes with integrated social sharing buttons, so you can increase the social interaction on your website.

Below the featured slider, you can feature any kind of content for maximum exposure and also create image galleries. The Ionosphere WordPress theme comes with the latest RokSprocket plugin, which allows you to create interactive content tabs all over your website (that combines tabbed, showcase, ticker and accordian features). Theme supports viewing in iPhone/Android platforms (responsive design).

The Ionosphere theme come with other stunning features like various color styles, background patterns, triple level SplitMenu and Fusion menu, 26 layout widget variations, 15 Gantry rows, typography options, Gantry Framework, 12 customizable style variations,completely dynamic back-end panel and much more.

Theme design includes W3C Compatibility with XHTML 1.0/ CSS Validation. Ionosphere is compatible in all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Theme comes with support for tutorials, updates and forum access upon purchase.

HomeQuest WordPress Theme

HomeQuest is one of the best real estate themes for WordPress on the Internet today. Themefuse have produced something spectacular – HomeQuest makes building an professional realtor website an easy task. It is based on a modern functionality concept and suitable for real estate consultants, property brokers or any property dealing agency.

HomeQuest WordPress Theme

HomeQuest WordPress theme is simple, clean, efficient… but also beautiful. HomeQuest theme also has multiple colour options and background styles. The theme has very attractive layout which makes content and listings look fresh and enlighten.

One of the most exciting feature of HomeQuest is it’s special property search feature. You can search for properties according to location, price, area, number of bedrooms and number of baths, and whether a property is for rent or sale. Clicking on one of the properties listed on the search results brings you to a page which give you details of a property. Each property page has it’s own gallery of images and a contact form for agents. HomeQuest also has a beautiful slider to showcase your most interesting properties to visitors.

Property carousel is added on homepage to display latest added properties with scroll button to display more listing. Extra white space is also assigned to show your blog posts on homepage. Header styles are integrated which are default, 2 images and patterns.

HomeQuest is built around white-hat SEO design to help your site achieve higher page ranks. HomeQuest also makes use of ThemeFuse’s One click Auto-Install feature for easy installation that even newbies can do. The blog feature on HomeQuest is optional but highly recommended. Having a blog draws readers over the web, especially if you know how to optimize your blog posts for higher search engine results.

HomeQuest Theme provides some other features like multiple search options to find property, property post type to add and manage all properties, property carousel carrying main property image with brief description, price sorting bar for property, impressive pagination style, set contact number in header, contact page template with fullscreen Google map, theme documentation guide, theme option panel and more.

Voyage WordPress Theme

Voyage WordPress theme has a main purpose in mind – tourism. The theme could be used for a wide variety of travel oriented websites, including travel agencies, city guides, travel blogs. It is built to cater to anyone who needs to stand out from the crowd when it comes to travel, vacations, honeymoons, city breaks. A clean background of front-page travel destination images will look very attractive to grab your’s visitors attention.

Voyage WordPress Theme

The theme comes with an extremely powerful search and filter module. Your clients will be able to fine tune the searched results and filter them according to their needs in a matter of seconds. Another feature is given by Google Maps integration: all of your pages/posts can be managed according to their location.

It doesn’t matter if your visitors will use desktops, tablets or smartphones… they’ll enjoy the same remarkable experience because Voyage theme have a responsive design. All the elements scale and resize depending on the device the website is viewed on. Voyage theme have an unique feature that lets you enjoy your coffee while the framework auto-installs the theme.

You will also find a special area to display special and last minute deals on front-page with price filter. This way your clients will get their desired holiday package that comes within their budget.

Besides all these unique features, Voyage WordPress theme comes with the standard exclusive ThemeFuse features, such as SEO ready design for search engine ranking, sidebar with widget supported areas, Lightbox feature for images and videos (jQuery), auto resizing support for images, works on any popular browser, supports Feedburner to share contents, stylish social media buttons.

Utilizing this theme, you have the ability to use WordPress and build a city directory site – which is pretty sweet!

Fresco WordPress Theme

Fresco WordPress Theme is a fine-looking content and media attention small business theme released by RocketTheme. The colorful theme is best suitable for community, sport, travel, restaurant, any entertainment site or small business website. The visually rich design is ideal for any one who want to give a positive user experience to their customers with their content and creative works.

Fresco WordPress Theme

The Fresco theme provides a selection of ten preset styles, each with it’s own custom theme, such as Food or Sport. Each style has three background levels (low, medium and high) which dictates the level of detailing on the graphics.

Fresco theme provides powerful features and multiple widgets like RokSprocket widget for varying layout modes, fusion menu, lots of widgets to place it’s positions, core Gantry Framework, 3 layout option (responsive, 960px fixed and 1200px fixed), Splitmenu, iPhone and Android viewing support, ten preset style that ready to use, featured slider, colorful background that easy to change, custom page templates, advance theme option panel with relevant guide and tutorials.

SportEdge WordPress Theme

SportEdge is a premium WordPress magazine theme. The theme is ideal for sport sites or any other type of online magazine website. SportEdge theme has a sharp and modern design that looks and feels like a real website. This WordPress sports magazine would cater to all the golf, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, baseball or basketball fans out there, as the theme is packed with cool features and functionality.

SportEdge WordPress Theme

The homepage consists of a very dynamic homepage slider and bold typography, recent and specific entries, and footer widgets. There is an option to overwrite the entire default homepage modules and re-arrange the modules as each has a widget option. In order to further immerse your users, SportEdge theme comes with built in custom header designs for every major sport out there.

By default, Sportedge magazine comprehends 20 widgetized areas: you get 10 general widgetized areas, and 10 category specific sidebars. For 10 sports a category specific sidebar has been predefined: Golf, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, NFL, NHL, Soccer, and Tennis.

In my opinion, the panel of SportEdge does not provide any means to modify the default color scheme. However, since child themes are the preferred way to go when making modifications to a theme, a child theme folder and style sheet are already included as well. Whether you’re viewing the theme on your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone, it responds and adapts delivering an optimized design for that device – with ultrareadable typography.

Sportedge is one of the first WordPress themes that has integrated live scores. Your users will stay up to date with live scores for all the major sports from the popular scores provider ScoresPro. Other features include dynamic sidebar widget creation, Feedburner ready, auto image resizing, cross browser compatible, Jquery image / video lightbox, Font-face custom font, powerful admin options, Javascript enabled tabs.

Using custom widgets, creating dynamic sidebars and choosing from many different fonts are just some of the things you can do on this great theme. So, what are you waiting for, sport bloggers and fans? This is excellent chance to start a profitable online sport magazine website with perfect design!

OptimizePress WordPress Theme

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that gives you the ability to easily generate an unlimited amount of Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Launch pages, One Time Offer Pages and Membership sites without having to worry about the design. Using the main power of WordPress, you can design these pages in a smooth way. Owners can maximize the power of the theme on their own domains regardless how many they may be. This will lead to the creation of beautiful pages in a matter of minutes including sales and offer pages with a professional look. It is recommended for those who want to eliminate the cost of designers because of the unique shortcode system that is built into the system.

OptimizePress WordPress Theme

When you install the OptimizePress theme, your WordPress dashboard gets a bunch of features that easily allow you to: generate headlines, attractive opt-in boxes, “Add to Cart” buttons, add delayed call to action buttons that show up after a specified amount of time, videos to your pages, styled bullet lists, testimonial boxes, and the list goes on. In other words, even if you don’t know how to do the things mentioned above, you can do it using OptimizePress shortcodes.

Creation of profitable product launches is also made easier because of the advanced features that are incorporated, which will definitely increase visitor response. This results in a successful product/ service launch, which is normally the goal of every launch sequence. The use of proven and tested designs go a long way in the creation of sales letters, one-time offer pages, bonus pages, and other similar online business strategies. This means the pages gain a boost prior to the building of the sales copy.

There is no question that membership WordPress websites are huge outcomes. This is why the ability of Optimize Press to build exceptional membership sites will be appreciated by many WordPress business owners. This is because content delivery will be greatly enhanced allowing customers to stay within the website longer. In the end, this gives businesses the leverage that will allow them to skyrocket their position in the market and consequently, their online profits.

Another great feature is the integration of autoresponder functions in WordPress to automate part of an email marketing strategy. More importantly, in OptimizePress theme, the integration of autoresponder functions is done through it’s inclusion in a special field of the system where it is hooked up to the squeeze pages. For website owners who lack the technical HTML/CSS skills, this function will make them happy because does not require complex or specialized coding.

The Blog Template System allow you to use OptimizePress even as a regular blog. This is super-great if you have a blog attached to your website, or if you are using a blog to drive traffic to your squeeze page, sales page, launch page or membership site, while keeping a similar look and feel between your blog and all other aspects of your site.

WordPress website owners will also appreciate the launch system function. It includes an option in your funnel to remember visitors so that when they revisit the website, displaying of the squeeze page will be skipped. Furthermore, the launch content will also be protected from new visitors of the website because they will be immediate directed to the squeeze page making it possible to build lists faster.

OptimizePress has ton of features, including:

  • Squeeze Page Building System
  • Sales Letter and Offer Page Building System
  • Unique Shortcode Sales
  • Letter Building System
  • Launch Builder System
  • Create Perpetual Launches
  • Add Video to Your Pages with One Click
  • Unique iPad and iPhone Video compatibility
  • Build Your Blog
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Simple Autoresponder Integration (self-hosted solutions or services like Aweber, GetResponse, etcetera)
  • Facebook Comments and Sharing
  • Social Sharing Built-in
  • Built in SEO features
  • Exit Pop Optin Form
  • Exit Redirect System
  • Split Test Pages with Google Website Optimizer
  • Use Your Favorite WordPress Plugins
  • Graphics Pack
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If you are an internet marketer or you’re ready to launch your own product or service, OptimizePress will save you lots of time and effort so you don’t have to manually hand-code the different aspects of a squeeze, sales page or launch sequence. I highly recommend to get a copy of OptimizePress. It’s an outstanding theme and a one-time fee. You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages. You will be able to build pages that will convert great.

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