As you have noticed, in the last few years, WordPress has become the dominating platform for building profitable websites – so the number of free or premium WordPress theme providers is on the rise. The main reason behind this overwhelming success is simple: WordPress is extremely easy to use, FREE, and has a huge community! More important, WordPress is also an Open Source project.

WordPress is a real goldmine for every online business, so it’s easy to understand why many people create WordPress themes for sale. Many of these free or premium WordPress themes are great; however, there are some providers you should stay away from. Depending on your business type, personality, and audience, you will want to choose a theme that does a good job – making more sales.

So what’s the point of purchasing a premium WordPress theme if there are gazillions of free alternatives?

The answer is simple: the quality!

Among those free alternatives, only a few themes go beyond basic functionalities within a customized design. That’s because designing a professional or premium WordPress theme takes time and a lot of knowledge.

But what exactly differentiates a premium theme?

Premium WordPress themes must have the following:

  • Unique and amazing look and feel
  • Great customer support
  • Customization features (color schemes, multiple page layout options)
  • Pass test code against the basic WordPress standards
  • SEO optimized code
  • Detailed Documentation

Customer support is a BIG feature. As you know, WordPress is updated pretty often, so the theme you choose must be updated as well to reflect these changes (the same applies to plugins). So these updates aren’t something that you get with free themes!

Some premium theme providers don’t offer customer support either – so make sure you only go with the best premium WordPress theme suppliers.

On the other hand, some business people hire a developer to create a custom design WordPress theme. Before you run out of cash to get a custom WordPress theme designed especially for you, you should look at some of the premium themes outlined below. Be warned; just like free themes, there are many premium themes.

Before I start recommending my top premium WordPress theme providers, remember that it’s good to play around with some of the free themes available in cyberspace – you’ll get a better idea of what you can do with them and then choose your best option.

Therefore, without further ballyhoo, below are my sources for premium themes that I have used and feel comfortable recommending. Some also offer coupon codes and discounts which will give you more value for your hard-earned cash.

1) ElegantThemes

Premium WordPress Themes Providers - ElegantThemes Review

Nick Roach owns the ElegantThemes website. He is an expert on WordPress premium themes and develops the themes listed on his site. Nick’s first attempt to design a site was at thirteen when his band required its online presence. Since then, he has gotten a lot better!

ElegantThemes’ works are simple, clean, unique, and, most of all – elegant. His team is dedicated to creating innovative designs to enlarge their WordPress theme portfolio. So the major challenge for ElegantThemes is to create elegant, easy-to-install, and user-friendly themes.

The ElegantThemes website offers a large gallery where you can preview each theme in a live demo fashion – and a features page that shows the characteristics of each theme.

ElegantThemes is now serving more than 160.000 happy customers! That’s amazing because most members are willing to continue their subscriptions for the coming years. And they can get affordable premium WordPress themes for all needs. Nick makes a smart move by building his revenue stream around a membership website.

ElegantThemes may be the best deal on Premium themes for WordPress. ElegantThemes offers (at the moment I wrote this post) 80 Premium themes for only a $39 one-time fee. They also offer some of the best customer support in this particular area.

2) StudioPress

Premium WordPress Themes Providers - StudioPress Review

As the founder of StudioPress, Brian Gardner is managing a group of talented professional designers, graphic artists, and WordPress experts.

StudioPress is one of the top WordPress theme providers on the Net. Their WordPress themes comprise Genesis Framework (which provides the structure and features for WordPress themes) and Child Themes (this is the visual portion of your theme).

If you’re new to these terms and if it helps, think of your website as a simple car. WordPress is the engine of your car. The Genesis Framework is the frame and body of the car. A child theme is a pure design element – that car’s red Ferrari paint color. You get the idea…

StudioPress Genesis Framework is one of the most popular picks used by the best bloggers online. The interface is easy to use, and the support team is above the industry standard.

StudioPress offers several themes that look great without the need to customize. Many WordPress theme developers offer two options: a single site install or a developer license which means you can install the theme on multiple domains.

What sets StudioPress apart is that they offer just one option – by purchasing the Genesis framework, you can install it on as many of your sites (and/or client sites) as you wish. No extra costs. If you run multiple sites, this feature could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars and a lot of time!

3) ThemeForest

Premium WordPress Themes Providers - ThemeForest Review

ThemeForest’s website is powered by Envato, which operates many sites where you can buy and sell digital stuff online. Envato is based in Australia and was founded in 2006. They are a world-class open source provider and a creative company committed to creating high-quality products and services for their clientele.

The company’s CEO co-founded Collis Taeed, Cyan Taeed, and Jun Rung. Theme Forest has one of the largest themes available online from multiple authors.

There are many brilliant themes from various WordPress developers in their marketplace, so you might find one perfect for your next blog or website.

Registration for the Themeforest website is free, and all marketplaces are connected. Although these options are great when purchasing a WordPress theme, beware!

There are some things to look out for and avoid, like if there’s good support for the theme and how often you receive updates.

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4) ThemeFuse

Premium WordPress Themes Providers - ThemeFuse Review

ThemeFuse is a top provider of high-quality premium WordPress themes. They have many themes, from magazines, portfolios, and gallery styles to business and personal types. ThemeFuse provides some of the most original WordPress themes unavailable anywhere on the Net.

According to Dimi Baitanciuc, co-founder of ThemFuse: “There are four co-founders at ThemeFuse and we have all worked in web design for different local web studios. At a certain point in time, we decided to start something on our own and make a name for ourselves mainly because we felt the WordPress theme industry was in its infancy and lacking in quality and originality. I’m not saying we have filled that gap yet, but we are working on it“.

All themes have advanced features like shortcodes, sliders, page templates, etc. WordPress themes have unique features called “one click auto-install” that lets you install a theme without trouble. Alongside a collection of beautiful WordPress themes, ThemeFuse offers visitors a web design blog with many useful tips and articles, the latest updates, and many freebies.

Aside from buying one theme, they have a Club Membership, which gives you access to the entire ThemeFuse collection and a special Members Area, VIP support, and higher affiliate commissions. The club is perfect for multi-site owners, freelancers, and web agencies.

5) RocketTeam

Premium WordPress Themes Providers - RocketTeam Review

Andy Miller started in 2004 when he was working as a core developer for the Mambo CMS. Soon, mambo dev evolved into a template club-based site and was relaunched under RocketTheme.

With approximately 30 developers, RocketTheme is a great company focusing on releasing new themes and templates to thousands and thousands of customers. RocketTheme has a lot of products, including WordPress themes in addition to Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and phpBB3 templates.

A lot of attention has gone into the look and feel of each template. Many of the templates use CSS features and have many JavaScript effects. The WordPress themes have a cool and enchanting feel due to the close attention to detail.

Behind its Joomla and WordPress theme projects is the Gantry framework. This is available to you via the GPL license, and you can use it in your theme development projects. Gantry was built to provide a new configuration level to assure higher control and flexibility.

They release a new WordPress theme about once a month. The RocketTheme site membership is based on entitlements. Depending on your chosen membership level, you can download several themes in a period. Entitlements are the same whether you use the same template multiple times or different themes.

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I touch the surface of WordPress theme providers you, and your clients can buy from. Their premium themes are great for developers, professional bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce shops, and anyone who can afford a few bucks for a master-looking and robust WordPress theme. And since they’re premium products, they all have excellent customer support.

Premium WordPress Themes


What Are Your Favorite Premium WordPress Themes Providers?

That’s it for the moment about premium WordPress theme providers. If by any chance you’ve done some WordPress development in the past, I encourage you to share your ideas, retrieves, and tips in the comments. For the rest of us, the regular WordPress users, let me know what premium theme providers you’ve tried, what you use now, and why – share your thoughts below.