XSitePro software – Multiply Your Online Profits by 10 in 5 Days

“By Far This Is The Easy Way To Create An Endless Stream Of Profit-Pulling Websites In Minutes – Not Days Or Weeks!”


XSitePro is a total site management software which automatically create, manage and maintain websites for you in minutes. It takes you only a few moments to launch XSitePro, and even though you have no technical skills, you click a few buttons, plug in your content — and are able to produce a 10-page professional-looking, fully search engine optimized website in just 53 minutes… Unbelievable!

XSitePro is developed by Intellimon Ltd, a US based company managed by a real marketing pro — Paul Smithson.

Paul and his Intellimon Ltd team spent a lot of time creating XSitePro>. With this new master-piece software, you can create professional websites in a small fraction of the time it currently takes you. What would normally take 10 hours per website in FrontPage, DreamWeaver or other web design package, will take 1/10th of the time with XSitePro. You’ll literally have a complete, fully integrated website in a snap.

What impresses you even more is that the website you’ve created is NOT just one of those amateur-looking, template-based websites — or one of those starter web pages that you get
from web hosting companies for free. It’s an attention-grabbing, fully integrated website.

Without a doubt, XSitePro web site design software gets the edge for Internet beginners! It’s intuitive, easy to use and has a lot of features, right out of the box.

Lot’s of internet marketers (from novice to experts!) are using it to create holly profitable mini sites, mini net feeder sites, online stores, or AdSense revenue sites (just to name only a few possibilities…)

“XSitePro is a marketer’s dream come true!”

I simply start with a product idea in the morning — and before lunch time, I have a website up and running, ready to launch the product and start making money. With this ingenious software program, all the countless website projects I’ve been putting off for ‘when I have time…’ can now materialize with lightning speed. It’s easy for anyone to multiply their online income 5 times, 10 times — or by how ever many times they can crank out a new website with XSitePro!

Maria Veloso, author of “Web Copy That Sells”

XSitePro software review


» Why Do You Need XSitePro?

Well, because XSitePro it will:

  1. Add Google Adsense ads into your web pages with just two clicks of your mouse, which means you can add an extra income stream without any extra effort
  2. Change the complete style of your web site any time you want in just minutes rather than days or weeks
  3. Publish any changes you make to your web site in just a single mouse click, which means you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve remembered to upload a graphic file or not
  4. Include two styles of site map on your site by just putting a check in a checkbox, which means you can have great looking site maps that are always up-to-date without lifting a finger
  5. Print out a detailed report that tells you exactly what you need to do to each of your pages, which means you can make sure that all your pages are exactly right before you publish them to the Internet
  6. Add a links page to your site that is easy to update, which means you can benefit from a reciprocal linking
  7. Include navigation menus that automatically update themselves whenever you add new pages
  8. Add new, targeted, keyword stuff article pages to your site using the fill-in-the-blanks template and you’ll maintain a standard layout that gives your site a professional look
  9. Have keywords that are automatically added to the meta tags of every new web site or web page you create, which saves you a lot of time entering the same keywords again and again
  10. Find out in an instant whether you have used a good keyword density on each page and quickly make corrections so that you maximize the chance of ranking well in the search engines
  11. Instantly analyze any of your pages for any keyword or phrase of your choosing, which means you can see how well your site performs for secondary keywords
  12. Produce a list of all of the links leaving any of your pages, which lets you see how optimized the links are for your chosen keywords and phrases
  13. Instantly view a Suggested Actions List for any of your pages that tells you exactly what you need to do to improve the chances of your pages ranking well in the search engines
  14. Disguise affiliate links using the redirect feature, which means you can publish much more attractive links that don’t look like direct links to affiliate sites
  15. Manage all of your affiliate schemes using the Affiliate Wizard, which means you won’t have to go hunting through old e-mails to find the username and password for someone’s affiliate administration page or to find the code you need to include when adding a link
  16. Add powerful pop-ups to your site that only appear when the criteria you specify are met, which means you can create your very own intelligent pop-ups that are far less annoying
  17. Use the 130,000 word built-in spell-checker to make sure that you never make a spelling mistake on any of your pages
  18. Keep a track of all of the essential information regarding your web hosting, which means you’ll never forget any important information such as usernames, passwords, mail server details, name server names or control panel urls
  19. These are just some of the many powerful features that will be at your finger tips when you are an XSitePro user!
Paul Smithson and his Intellimon Ltd team added a line of new features to XSitePro software. The list is way too long, but I will outline a couple of them below:


  • Google Sitemap creation — allows you to create a Google Sitemap xml file that will be uploaded when you publish your site and can be submitted to Google to get your pages indexed faster
  • A powerful import function that will allow you to import pages that have been created with Content Desk, Article Automator, or from files on your hard drive
  • A robots feature has been added so that you can control the robots.txt file and the robot headers on each page
  • You can now automatically add scripts to every page directly above the closing body tag (ideal for ad trackers) in addition to adding them just above and just below the opening body tag
  • There is now a new button on the designer which will allow you paste code from Microsoft Word a lot more effectively. It will remove all of the extra formatting information which was previously causing layout problems
  • A new design wizard has been added which will allow you to create a testimonial box that includes code from Audio Generator
  • The backup settings have been changed so that you can now backup to any drive on your computer, including a networked drive
  • A completely updated manual. Over 100 pages have been added to the manual since the last update

With XSitePro, the range of the features available is absolutely staggering. You can add so much professional functionality to a website with just a few clicks of your mouse. Ever asked for more features to make your daily internet marketing job easier? Now… you’ve got it!

If you are totally new to website creation, search engine optimization, etc. don’t be affraid. XSitePro comes with a 300-page, step-by-step training manual. The tutorial is very complete and will explain you all. There is even a search function so finding what you need is a matter of seconds. Also available a few website buiding tips you should find extremely helpful!

Video tutorials for XSitePro have now been uploaded to the servers! There’s over 80 minutes in total so this really is an extensive and powerful training resource.

As long as you’re a registered user of XSitePro this is one internet marketing resource you won’t have to pay a single cent for. As you progress through these tutorial videos you’ll see a web site created step-by-step — right in front of your eyes. You’ll learn everything from how to create new projects and web sites right through to how to publish your site to the Internet.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered in couple of these tutorials.

XSitePro Video Lesson: Mobile Site Wizard
With billions of mobile phones users, and a huge surge in smart-phone sales over recent years, there’s never been a better time to get a mobile-version of your website built and published.

XSitePro Video Lesson: Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking is a great way to have people share your content, to promote it among the social bookmarking community. If your content is interesting enough, you could find yourself getting thousands of visitors as a result of these communities sharing and redistributing links to your page within the social bookmarking networks.

XSitePro Video Lesson: Widgets
On your travels across the Internet you’ll have doubtless come across all sorts of scripts and widgets that enhance the visitor experience (even if you didn’t realise that’s what they were!)…

XSitePro Video Lesson: Site Maps
Site maps are a really great way to not only let your human visitors know where everything is on your site (kind of like an index) but they’re also a great way of getting that content found, by the search engines…

XSitePro Video Lesson: Design Wizards
The Design Wizards are included to help dramatically speed up the design process by providing quick access to frequently-used Web page elements, such as buttons, headlines, graphics, text boxes, highlighting and text styles.

XSitePro Video Lesson: Navigation Menus
As you’ll know yourself, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to find your way around a website, when the navigation menus are of poor quality or design.

XSitePro Video Lesson: Page Layout
One of the beauties of working with XSitePro is that you have a choice. You can pick one of the professional templates right out of the box and simply add content, or you can use the powerful (but easy to use) Page Layout designer, and get complete control over the look and feel of your site.

To view the video tutorials you’ll need a username and password as only registered XSitePro users have free access to this valuable resource.

The videos have been designed for viewing online so you don’t need to download them to your own computer first. Just click and watch. However, streaming isn’t ideal for users with a dial-up connection so we are looking at putting together an alternative that you will either be able to download or receive via snail mail. We’ll keep you posted.

…Your new software program XSitePro is fantastic!

Who needs expensive programs like DreamWeaver when XSitePro gives you everything you need, not just from the point of view of building websites but also in terms of managing them. Believe me — when you’ve built as many websites as I have over the years, you need all the advantages you can get. Without question, XSitePro gives you everything you need — and more!

I have no hesitation in recommending this “Swiss Army Knife” of an application to anyone serious about building multiple, search engine optimized and highly usable websites. I’m seriously impressed!
— Brian Terry, Creative Director, EBookWow.com

XSitePro software review

After a long time, XSitePro version 2.5 is finally here! XSitePro2.5 is not your boring, frustrating, run-of-the-mill website builder like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or anything else you have seen or heard of before. It’s…

XSitePro 2 software

… More Powerful, More Professional, and Much More Profitable!


Below I’ve listed 16 out of the 78 most exciting features that XSitePro 2.5 puts at your fingertips.

  • True WYSIWYG Panel Designers
  • Advanced Page Settings: Page Layout Settings, Scripts, Robot settings, etcetera.
  • Enhanced source-code editor
  • Page Components Analysis
  • Publishing Notification
  • Website Cleanup tools
  • Task-bar scheduler
  • Paypal Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Audio and Video Wizard
  • RSS Feed Wizard
  • Widgets Wizard
  • Password Page Protector
  • Links Manager
  • Site Search Form
  • Social Networking Links
  • Hundreds of *NEW* website templates
  • and much, MUCH more!

Did I tell you that the previous features of XSitePro are now improved?

XSitePro it’s incredibly easy to use and delivers unprecedented power and control over your web site. And there is a new video that gives you a glimpse into the exciting power and sheer usability of the XSitePro 2.5 software.

XSitePro software video
» Click here to watch XSitePro 2 Showcase Video



In a nutshell, XSitePro creates websites… at the push of a few buttons. XSitePro is a real profit-pulling website creator. The best thing with this tool is that it’s so customizable. No need for FrontPage or Dreamweaver anymore… just this one tool.

Right now, with XSitePro you do NOT need any special skills to design highly profitable websites. Yet, the tools and goodies available on XSitePro software will make the most experienced webmaster grin. XSite Pro saves you a lot of time from the very first keystroke.

With this software, you could easily create 3 or 4 new websites before the day is done. But even if you were to create just 2 new websites a day, you’d end up with 10 income-generating websites in 5 days — thereby multiplying your internet profits by 10. By the end of one month, you could have 30 new websites — especially since you know how to find products that the Internet buying public is willing to buy. Imagine what your profits will be then…

So, if you’re new to Internet and don’t know how to design successful websites, XSitePro web site design software developed by Paul Smithson and Intellimon Ltd is the BEST choice. XSitePro makes child’s play out of website creation, management and maintenance. Let me tell you that XSitePro is worth every penny and much more.

XSitePro web site design software» As of 2014, XSitePro software is not available anymore.


Val Popescu
Val Popescu, Owner
The Internet Marketing Profits Center


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