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“29 Minutes From Now, You Could Be Well On Your Way Toward Building An Online Empire… Even If Everything You’ve Done Until Now Has Failed.”


Marketing Makeover Generator is a truly amazing brand new online service that puts the power of list building, prospecting and cash-paying customers at your fingertips. You don’t need to know HTML. You don’t have to learn any complicated software. You don’t even have to know how to write.

Marketing Makeover Generator is so original… so new… that it will change forever the way you do businesses on the Internet. This revolutionary online marketing service is developed by Rick Raddatz, Alex Mandossian, and Armand Morin — a trio of well-known internet marketing profits makers.

The idea for Marketing Makeover Generator was sparked when more than a few people began to ask Rick, Alex and Armand how they could create the hyper-effective and professional looking “name squeeze” pages that they all have on their sites. It was the spark… and the beginning of a new profit journey.

Before I give you the specifics, here’s what Marketing Makeover Generator service does for you:

  • Makes your site look clean and professional. (People will think you spent thousands to hire a professional web design firm… when all you did was tap into the simple design power of Marketing Makeover Generator.)
  • Skyrockets your opt-in rates so you build a huge list of potential customers faster. (Now you’ll be able to generate more sales because you’ll be able to follow-up with your list subscribers as many times as you want.)
  • Puts audio and/or video on your site in seconds to reduce skepticism and boost your credibility. (Your visitors will literally be hypnotized and will have very little resistance when you ask them to opt-in to your site.)
  • Automatically split-tests multiple page elements so you get the highest response possible — no more guessing involved! (The best copywriter in the world is no substitute for split-testing.)
  • Tells you how effective your new opt-in page is. (Easy-to-read statistics show you how many people are hitting your page and how many are opting in… so you’re not flying blind.)
  • Reveals why people are NOT opting in. (Whenever someone abandons your opt-in page, you’ll know why!)

Are you beginning to see how Marketing Makeover Generator is going to radically improve your web site?

“… it will increase my profits by over 50% and build my list even faster!”

Rick, Alex And Armand – Bravo. I like convenience and effectiveness. Your new system is so simple and I am going to use it for all of my products and services. I was looking to redo all my sites but never did because it would have taken just too much time.

It took me 15 minutes to do just one site and I will have all my sites redone by the end of this week and I already know it will increase my profits by over 50% and build my list even faster. I love the professional easy to use templates and I feel this project was made for me, the marketer, in mind. Superb!

Mike Filsaime, internet marketing guru

MMG review


How does Marketing Makeover Generator work?


Marketing Makeover Generator is a simple online service but the fastest way to add a new face to your web site… so you can start seeing instant improvements on your profits. All you need to do is point and click your way through the whole (or part!) makeover process.

Then, when you’re done, all you need is to copy and paste a snippet of code into your web page. Congratz, you’ve completed your first makeover in under 29 minutes!

Most of all, you don’t need to purchase any additional, sophisticated and expensive equipment’s to make Marketing Makeover Generator work. Couple of seconds after you become a full member, you can be doing your first makeover.

Marketing Makeover Generator service include 7 sections, and I’ll outline couple of them below.


1. Professionally Templates and Unlimited Web Site Makeovers


With Marketing Makeover Generator, without any hard work or expensive web designers, you can built a site you can actually be proud of. This section include superb ready-made templates.

Also, your full membership entitles you to unlimited web site makeovers. No matter how many web sites you may have, you can always create more opt-in pages, more lists, more audio and video sales messages.

Marketing Makeover Generator review


2. Unlimited Audio Messages and Video Clips


You can create unlimited audio messages and put them on your web pages. Marketing Makeover Generator also allow you to create unlimited videos to use on your web page.

Video is like audio, but even more, much more powerful. Because visitors will be able to see and hear you, they’ll feel more familiar and comfortable with you… so they’ll be more likely to do what you ask — to buy!

Marketing Makeover Generator review


3. Split-Test Capabilities


That’s a great feature: type up to 10 headlines and sub-headlines, record multiple sales pitches — do what it necessary and good for your business. Then, Marketing Makeover Generator will automatically split-test every variation and settle on the one that sells best.

Set it and forget it… it’s that simple to harness the power of split-testing with this new online service!


“… a powerful and strategic way to build a growing database of people!”

We are truly excited to have access to the brand new Marketing Makeover Generator system. This powerful, easy to use technology will transform the way business owners and organizations market their products and services because the system allows you to help create quality relationships with prospects without having to totally redesign your web site.

Most important, Marketing Makeover Generator gives you a powerful and strategic way to build a growing database of people truly interested in your products or services.

Alfred McComber, Executive Director Security Intelligence Bureau

Marketing Makeover Generator service


4. Instant Exit Surveys

The exit survey tool will allow you to question every single person who leaves your site without opting in. Will everyone complete the survey? No. But those who do will tell you what may be turning them away… so you can make important improvements.


5. Unlimited Autoresponder and Broadcast Emails


Send out as many automated follow-up emails as you want on the schedule you choose. In addition to your autoresponder, you’ll also be able to send out unlimited broadcast emails to your subscribers. Send special offers, updates, or breaking news whenever you want.

And these are just a handful of the features that Marketing Makeover Generator offer…


“… I’m having an absolute blast using Marketing Makeover Generator!”

I’m a veteran educator, newbie to Internet marketing, and a pathetic non-tekkie. But I’m having an absolute blast using Marketing Makeover Generator! Even before I’ve published my first opt-in page, I’ve learned s-o-o-o-o much!

As a test expert, I love the way Marketing Makeover Generator facilitates constant testing. As an educator, the easy-to-follow, step by step process, with handy video tutorials, is model teaching! Marketing Makeover Generator gets an A+ from this former teacher!

Dick Methia, educator

Marketing Makeover Generator service

Marketing Makeover Generator service review

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