“Discover AWeber Email System – the Most Reliable, Easiest, Cost Effective Tool to Capture Visitor Sign-Ups, Send Unlimited Personalized Autoresponder Follow Ups and Newsletters To Increase Your Online Profits!”

AWeber email marketing Communications develop the most advanced personalized autoresponder and newsletters delivery system on the market right now. Experts have shown that it often takes 7 or more ad exposures before prospective customers actually make a purchase. With traditional sales processes if you don’t sell your prospect with that first contact, then you don’t make the sale.

With unlimited autoresponders and unlimited follow-ups, your prospects will automatically receive your marketing message the essential seven times or more over a period of days, weeks, and months. AWeber’s system will save you time, increase your conversion rate, maximize your marketing efforts, keep you organized, and increase your profits. Then, your account’s unlimited broadcast list features will keep you in constant contact with your customer base!

AWeber autoresponder and email system is developed by AWeber Communications, a well-known US company managed by Tom Kulzer. The entire AWeber team is dedicated to providing fast, reliable, cost-effective, fully supported follow-up and newsletter solutions. AWeber’s founder and actual CEO, Tom Kulzer, believes very strongly in ethical opt-in email marketing and has developed strong policies and procedures to prevent abuse.

With zero tolerance for spam abuse, Tom is frequently called upon to speak at industry anti-spam conferences. Email deliverability management is a large part of daily operations to ensure that the opt-in newsletters for AWeber‘s thousands of small businesses around the world are reliably delivered. This is also a frequent topic of conference speeches and telephone conference calls.

» How Can AWeber System Help You?

 AWeber Communications will gonna help you in four major ways:

  1. Unlimited Autoresponder and Follow Up Campaigns
  2. Unlimited Blog and Newsletter Messages
  3. Reports, Statistics, Email Deliverability and Ad Tracking
  4. Excellent Customer Support, Live Webinars, FREE Knowledge Base and Training Videos

1) Unlimited Autoresponder and Follow Up Campaigns

Perhaps this is the most well-known feature of AWeber’s email marketing system. I should first explain to you what an autoresponder service is.

Basically, it’s a service that automatically sends an email message to someone as soon as they request it. It also can be used to send follow-up messages to that person at pre-defined time intervals. Autoresponders and their follow-up system are very useful tools and represent a great way to automate the sales process of your business.

Unlimited autoresponders, follow-up messages, and campaigns are at the heart of the AWeber system! Take advantage of the complete control AWeber Communications give you over your messages:

  • Personalize your messages with each lead’s name
  • Easily include limited time offers
  • Use HTML in your messages with the built in WYSIWYG (point and click) editor
  • Create messages of unlimited length
  • Track click thru’s and open rates automatically
  • Include attachments such as ebooks or PDF’s with your messages
  • Easy Paypal and 3rd party shopping cart integration
  • Campaign message sharing for easy working with colleagues or sales staff

2) Unlimited Blog and Newsletter Messages

Aweber system also can be used to send out a newsletter to your mailing list. In fact, it has a lot of features that make AWeber the number one choice of marketing professionals – like click tracking (what links do your prospects click on?), what percentage of people actually read your newsletter, etc.

Many prospective AWeber email marketing customers believe that follow-up autoresponders are the sole use of this service. This is not the case as every account also includes extensive features to enable the sending of opt-in newsletters to subscribers who have requested them. Newsletter content makes up a significant part of the sales conversion process for many businesses. Aweber is an Autoresponder solution that works equally well as a newsletter distribution service.

I will outline here a couple of results of thousands of AWeber customer newsletters sent over an interval of 30 days.

Plain text messages are the most popular format for sending newsletters with 65.9% of all newsletters sent. Mime format Text/HTML messages follow at 23.8% and the remaining 10.2% of customers still send HTML-only messages even though it is strongly recommended to always include a plain text version.

Plain text messages generate the fewest undeliverable bounces at 0.46%. Mime format Text/HTML follows at 0.56% and HTML only messages have a whopping 1.09% undeliverable rate. This is a significant reason behind our recommendation to always send a plain text alternative with HTML formatted messages.

Subject line personalization using the date generated an average open rate of 51.4% compared to personalization using the subscriber’s first name generating a 40.9% open rate. Newsletters sent without personalization of any type in the subject line generated average open rates of 28.9%.

 For a full report of AWeber email marketing statistics, check the Internet Profits Blog related issue. Want even more marketing power? Here are some of the AWeber’s newsletter broadcast messages features:

  • Send unlimited broadcast newsletter messages to your subscribers with no additional cost
  • Segment your list based on custom profile information
  • Use Split testing to increase response rates with different subject lines and body content
  • Use the time delay feature to write newsletters now, and send automatically at a date/time in the future
  • Track click thru’s and open rates automatically
  • Include attachments such as ebooks or PDF’s
  • Use HTML in your messages with the built in WYSIWYG (point and click) editor
  • Publish sent newsletters on your website automatically via web archives and RSS/XML feeds
RSS to Newsletter system

Yeap, that’s true… if you have a blog, chances are that you have an RSS feed. Not sure what an RSS feed is? RSS lets your blog talk to other services and newsreaders.

AWeber come up with a way to auto-magically take your feed and convert your RSS to email marketing newsletters! All you have to do is to insert your feed and tell how often you want the message sent.

No matter what blog software you use – AWeber got you covered!

Take the risk out of your autoresponders and mailing lists by choosing the professionals choice – AWeber Communications. Aweber has been providing unrivaled quality for years!

One more thing before we proceed with the next point. As you already read, a personalized email message can significantly boost your internet profits. And when you do this automatically, no matter IF you use an AWeber autoresponder and follow up system or newsletter delivery capabilities, you will save a LOT of your time! So let’s check now two of the most important aspects of an email marketing campaign: Message Personalization and Subscriber Management facilities.

» Message Personalization System

Perhaps the most critical step in guaranteeing the success of your e-mail promotions is to send your messages to a targeted list of opt-in subscribers/leads who have specifically requested to receive information on a particular topic from you. That’s your “in-house” email list. You can now create messages that are more valuable to your subscribers/leads by taking advantage of AWeber’s many personalization features:

  • Name personalization: Full name, first name, and last name
  • Automated capitalization correction
  • Email address personalization
  • Geographic information such as origin Country, State, City, Postal Code, Area Code, Latitude, Longitude, and DMA code
  • Date Personalization: Current, future, and sign up dates
  • Insert data from 25 other custom fields that you specify
  • Easy ad category inclusion
  • Extra remove link placement
  • Signature files
  • Automatic CAN-SPAM postal address compliance

» Subscriber Management System

Have a very large list of subscribers/leads? Have a smaller list but do not want to lose your precious time? You can easily import, export, and organize your subscribers/leads with AWeber’s subscriber features:

  • Add subscribers via e-mail, web forms, or the list import function
  • Import your own pre-existing lists of opt-in subscribers in multiple formats
  • Export your list for backup purposes in multiple formats
  • Save up to 25 fields of custom data with each lead
  • Receive notice via e-mail each time a new opt-in lead signs up
  • Have this e-mail notice automatically sent to multiple people
  • Automatically capture the IP address and website address where each subscriber came from
  • Capture geographic information such as origin Country, State, City, Postal Code, Area Code, Latitude, Longitude, and DMA code
  • Optionally use verified opt-in (also commonly called confirmed opt-in) for leads subscribing via a form on your website. (strongly recommended!)
  • Block individual email addresses or entire domains from subscribing
  • Allow lead removal via a “Subscription Options” link in each of your messages
  • Automation rules save time by subscribing or unsubscribing leads when certain actions are completed (ie: unsubscribe a new customer from a prospect list)
  • Search subscribers and save custom searches for later retrieval or segmenting of newsletter message sending

3) Reports, Statistics, Email Deliverability and Ad Tracking

How do you know that your AWeber account is working for you? Which of your ads is generating the most subscribers/leads? Here’s a small part of what AWeber email marketing has for you:

  • View real time reports online or have them emailed to you automatically at predetermined schedules
  • All report data can be easily exported in CSV for usage in Excel spreadsheet reporting
  • Sent newsletter statistics including # sent, undeliverables, open rates, and click thrus
  • Subscriber ad categories
  • Geographic distribution including origin Countries, State, City, Area Code, DMA Code
  • Follow up message open rates and click thrus
  • Automatically track any type of ad, including e-mail, web, and print ads
  • Track an unlimited number ad campaigns

4) AWeber email marketing: Excellent Customer Support, Live Webinars, FREE Knowledge Base and Training Videos

Once and for all, you have to stop settling for bad customer support! AWeber‘s friendly Customer Support team knows the ins of these services and the opt-in email industry inside and out. Once you’re inside the AWeber team, you’ll find:

  • FREE phone support through a toll free customer support number
  • FREE e-mail and live text chat support
  • Make changes to your account on your own, using AWeber’s Online Control Panel
  • Free tutorial video’s walk you step by step how to get started using AWeber

AWeber email marketing Knowledge Base: browse articles for answers when you need them.

  • Instant answers to frequently asked questions
  • Offers detailed instructions and clear explanations
  • Covers basic through advanced topics
  • Solves common issues email marketers face

Free, Live Webinars: e-mail experts present the ins and outs of email marketing:

  • Weekly live video training
  • Ask questions and get answers live
  • Hear other marketers’ concerns and ideas
  • Watch past recorded webinars anytime

Core Autoresponder, Follow Up and Newsletter Features

Will you checking out the competition? See the extensive AWeber email marketing feature list below, and IF there is a specific feature you’re looking for that you don’t see listed please let me know, OK? Until than, feel free to test the whole system!

  • Unlimited autoresponders.
  • Unlimited personalized follow up messages.
  • Unlimited message length, unlimited changes, and full integrated HTML creator and/or plain text message capability.
  • Unlimited personalized broadcast newsletters and segmented broadcast capability.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • Easy web form generator allows easy addition of opt-in forms to your website, pop-ups, pop-overs, hover pops, and exit pops along with split testing of different forms.
  • Name, date, geographical, 25 custom fields, and more personalization features.
  • Graphical account statistics and reporting with automatic emailing of reports.
  • Automatic undeliverable email handling.
  • Automated ad tracking features.
  • Complete 24/7 control over your own account, via an online control panel.
  • Integrated CAN-SPAM compliance checks with SPF & Sender ID email authentication included.

Why You Should Choose AWeber Email Marketing, Unlimited Autoresponders, Follow Ups, Newsletters Delivery Services?

If you don’t ask for your website visitors’ opt-in email address when they visit and follow up with them or send a newsletter to them you are losing a significant volume of sales. Here’s the best profit-pulling email delivery scenario from AWeber Communications:

  • Visitors request information from you via email or through your web site, and it is automatically delivered to them within seconds automatically
  • The name and e-mail address of each subscriber is automatically added to your AWeber database, saving you endless hours of data entry
  • Personalized follow up letters are automatically sent to each of your subscribers at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your subscribers
  • You spend more time with your family, since AWeber is doing so much of your work
  • Your efficient AWeber follow up account converts subscribers into customers without intervention from you
  • Save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money

Reason #1: Reliable Email Deliverability

Relationships with major ISP’s ensure that your opt-in email gets delivered. AWeber email marketing system consistently has one of the best delivery rates to major ISP’s. Email authentication standards such as SPF and Sender ID are utilized by AWeber and published for all customer accounts.

An integral part of having reliable email deliverability is ensuring that only specifically requested information is sent to subscribers. Watching and working with customers to prevent them from inadvertently or purposely sending unsolicited emails is a large part of consistent deliverability.

Reason #2: Free Unlimited Customer Support

With offices near historic Newtown Pennsylvania in the United States, AWeber has a team of dedicated, friendly, highly skilled customer and technical support staff ready to assist you. Toll-free phone, email, and live text chat support make asking questions and using AWeber easy. If you have a question, AWeber has your answer in a timely, friendly, efficient manner.

Reason #3: Over 20 Years of Experience

Having requested opt-in email reliably delivered to your subscriber’s inboxes around the world takes a special knowledge base. Knowledge of technical elements like SMTP, DNS, RDNS, MX records, static IP, RFC, EHLO, Mime types, CAN-SPAM, Sender ID, SPF, email authentication, content filters, false positives, undeliverable error, feedback loops, and Mail Transfer Agents are all required.

If any of those items are unknown to you then you should strongly consider outsourcing your email follow-up and newsletter delivery management. AWeber does the whole job and gives you the time to focus on what you do best: build your internet business.

Reason #4: Free Training Videos, Guides, and Webinars

View the extensive video training library developed specifically to teach you step by step how to set up, use, and build your business using AWeber. Customers also have access to several video seminars teaching how to build your opt-in subscriber lists and used advanced features within AWeber.

Reason #5: A 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Begin immediately and use AWeber to build your business and increase sales for 30 days. If you are unhappy for any reason simply contact AWeber to receive a full 100% hassle-free refund.

“40% boost in sales… THE most successful marketing tool I have used!”

I want you to know that I can attribute a 40% (!) boost in sales revenue since using my first month of AWeber’s automated follow up system. I paid for 6 months worth of Aweber service in 3 days worth of extra sales that I can directly attribute to the autoresponders once my newsletter started going out. I intentionally tracked the sales for a month and am flabbergasted by the results. It has been THE most successful marketing tool I have used.” — Tim Kerber, www.smallbusinesswebsite.com

AWeber email marketing services

Conclusion on AWeber email marketing system

As you know, there are many other programs available on the Internet which can be used as autoresponders or newsletter mailers, but none (as far as I know!) is as complete as the Aweber system is.

Besides, AWeber mailings and autoresponders originate from the Aweber domain. If anyone ever complains about SPAM (unsolicited e-mails from you), Aweber will protect you (NO one else offers this unbelievable feature!) as they use a double opt-in service which means only people who genuinely request your information will receive it.

The AWeber email marketing autoresponder system provides a hard-core line of features you’ll NEVER find anywhere else on the Internet. Using this advanced and versatile online service you’ll track and know EXACTLY the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Trust me, this will indubitably save you a truckload of hard-earned money!

Val Popescu,
Digital Consultant and Inbound Marketer