Marlon Sanders’ Action Grid System review

“The Secrets Are Revealed For Creating, Promoting and Delivering Your Own Infoproducts – Anywhere At Any Price!”


IF you want to make a living online and earn more money than you do right now, forget everything you *thought* you knew about creating info-products!


Selling ebooks or books online is great. But you know what’s even better? Creating and selling your very own big ticket package. Imagine getting sales for $500 and $1,000 at a time.

And imagine having a team of affiliates selling these big ticket items for you. It’s much easier to get affiliates to promote your product when they’re going to snag $250.00 or $500.00 for doing so vs. a whopping $15 commission on a $30 ebook!

Now, maybe creating your own big ticket item sounds like too much work, intimidating or even impossible. That’s where famed internet marketer Marlon Sanders and his Action Grid system comes in.

He pulled out all the stops and done everything for you: templates, examples, illustrations, plug ‘n use designs, download pages, emails. EVERYTHING it could possibly, conceivably think of has been done for you already. All you do is fill in the blanks on any of the templates and poof! It’s ready to use.

Why? Because Marlon know how frustrating it is to have courses that only give you this chunk or that chunk and you don’t have the whole system… so you beat your head against the wall trying to figure it out. This is not a fun experience nor something I recommend in the slightest.

Sanders made it a SIMPLE to follow system using my the amazing Action Grid process that makes it virtually brain-dead simple to follow the steps. He include more than 30 step by step how to videos, step-by-step examples, written instructions with screen captures that show you exactly what to do, illustrations… everything you need or can even want.

The Action Grid system covers all the crucial topics that can make you pull your hair out and go crazy if you don’t know them. And it covers them in the simplest, easiest way, by showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

You will NOT find this information addressed anywhere by anyone at any price!

But hey!… Does Marlon Sanders have the right to teach you how to create, promote and deliver your own info-products and multi-cd packages?

Well… who else has produced and sold as many info-products as Marlon have on the Internet and been involved since the pre-www days, and has the videos, checklists, tools, templates and the forums to support you and any questions you may have as you follow the instructions in the course?

No one. Period.

Fact: Marlon have created and sold 35 products online. (and the number continue to grow every year!)

Fact: Sanders is well-known around the industry.

Fact: The Action Grid system was an enormous undertaking in order to make everything as close to brain-dead simple as he could make it.

Why did Marlon create this course? Because the devil is in the details. And if you don’t know the details, it can drive you almost insane. He not only have worked out all the details for you, he made it almost brain-dead simple to follow the steps and procedures using the trademarked Action Grid System.

The Action Grid is totally and completely unique. No one else has anything remotely resembling it. What Sanders done is broken the process down into discrete units and built action sequences around those units using steps you follow. The short story is, it’s simple. You literally follow the steps in the sequence he designed for you, so you don’t lose out crucial things or put the cart before the horse.

All the “heavy lifting” has been done for you!

The truth is that Marlon has only 2 serious competitors in the A-to-Z “how to create your information products”. One of them creates “how to do your own audios” and the other doesn’t cover even a fraction of what I’m revealing in the Action Grid course.

The Action Grid is an “A-to-Z” brain dead simple system that covers every single detail AND includes templates designed exclusively for selling info-products, CD’s, DVD’s, printed manuals and so forth.

For example, the 10 Action Grid CD’s contain step-by-step written instructions with screen captures that show you what to do, 30+ step by step “how to videos”, sample download page templates, fill in the blanks plug-n-go website templates that are designed for INFO-PRODUCT businesses, CD interfaces if you want to send info-products on CD, printed manual interfaces, shipping label templates and everything else you need in between.

Marlon Sanders made it affordable compared to the enormous task of trying to find out the details yourself. I can’t describe how much time, money and energy it’s taken to figure all of these things out. I can tell you it took MONTHS of working 8 to 10 hours a day to write the step by step instructions and really simplify it for you, to make it as easy as possible for you to pick up and put it to use.

Whether you’re new to Internet Marketing and you’re “just getting your feet wet” or you want to GROW your existing business, if you don’t want to get endlessly frustrated over the steps to take on how to create info-products, then you owe it to yourself to bite the bullet and get this.

Think about this: you pay only 1 time to get the right information and step-by-step “how to videos”, checklists and instructions in the Action Grid System, but you’ll pay endlessly if you try to piece together 20 or 40 ebooks. And chances are those 20 ebooks will result in is information overload and conflicting instructions from 20 different people.

Action Grid System, by Marlon Sanders

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The most in-depth *how to do it* system to create your very own InfoProducts – anywhere at any price!



Val Popescu

Inbound Marketer
Owner of The Internet Marketing Profits Center


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