“Right before your eyes I’ll prove it how you’re only 2 minutes away from a real insider secret. It’s all about the domain name you should use to automatically attracts money as easily as a ten ton magnet attracts a paper clip… and discover how to avoid being a *Ground Thinker*!”

‘Ground Thinker’… I’ve heard those two words a couple of years ago and never forget them. It comes from Bill Myers letters, back in 2000. So I don’t know how many of you know about it. Could be the main reason why a lot of people never seem to accomplish anything, while others — with the same experience! — seem to have all the luck.

“Ground thinkers are people who only see things on their own level, and never imagine that other levels or points of view exist.”

You probably knew a few ground thinkers (I know I do!). People who only see the world from their own perspective and refuse to believe that other possibilities, other perspectives, other attitudes might exist… People beware! This position might destroy your business even before you get started.


Because starting, managing, and growing an online business takes motivation, desire, and talent. It also takes research, planning, and testing. It’s like a chess game: success for a small online business starts with decisive and correct opening moves. You have to know that initial mistakes are fatal and it takes skill, discipline, and hard work to regain the advantage — and, why not, a necessary and incommensurable dose of luck.

The first most important key to starting an online business resides in successfully finding, registering, and promoting a good, memorable, and compelling domain name.

The good news: you can now register domain names up to 67 characters in length, including the “.com” or “.net” or “.org” extensions. No longer will you be limited to the previous 23 character domain names!

I can hear you saying: “So what? What good is this to me?” Well, open your eyes, ears, and mind because I tell you a little-known “secret” that helped a mere few become privy to this information: thousands of previously unavailable .com‘s are made available daily. And most of which are just sitting there waiting to be taken!

A domain name that helps to successfully magnetize a flood of traffic is like precious gold to any web business. Because of the increasing scarcity of domain names that are memorable and suggestive, they have turned into HOT commodities!

Here are the cold hard facts… and believe me, this is an exciting opportunity to protect your business and make a lot of money in a very short time with very low investment costs — these are the “insider secrets” millionaires won’t tell you.

1) If your domain name is *catchy*, someday you may think to sell it to someone for a good profit (imagine having registered the “Pokemon” or “Amazon” names a couple of years ago!).

Now, how to turn this into your own advantage and profit? The kicker is that, although thousands of new and unused domains are being snatched daily by Netpreneurs, an almost equal proportion of domains are expiring. The result is that a quality domain name could be available right now, before your nose!

SIDENOTE: If you don’t know, an expired domain is one that was registered before but wasn’t paid for in time for the renewal date. Perhaps the owner forgot, lost interest in the venture, was no longer in business, was no longer reachable, or simply didn’t pay for it for whatever reason … Who knows?

But still a great dilemma here: how can you keep track of over 23 million domains and be there to swipe a good name the very moment it expires? How can you do it without anyone beating you to it? There is a solution… a surprisingly automated tool that unearths a new source of ‘gold’ that saves you hundreds of hours of work and dollars.

The tool that brings it all to you quickly, easily, and automatically is an advanced technology, a unique system that scoops a list of thousands (even tens of thousands) of daily expired domains. You can learn of expired domains — especially the moment they expire or just when they are about to!

The system constantly monitors the major domain name servers around the world. As soon as a previously registered domain gets dropped, this system will kick in and add it to a constantly growing daily list of domains. Once a day, this list is then uploaded to an online database and an email is sent to all members confirming the number of new domains available. One-click later, and this list appears on your screen.

So don’t be a ‘ground thinker’. Use your imagination, flair, and technology to permanently stay well ahead of the competition with a “psychical” edge that gives you a head start in the game. You have to be aware of them well enough in advance and fast enough in order to snatch them up before anyone else does!

2) Now you can register your domain as your company or product name, which mean you can have up to 67 characters in length and you gain more, far more relevancy in the eyes of your prospect (for example I use ” Internet Marketing Profits Center” domain, the same from my company — very, very important to a part of the search engines!)

Without a doubt, this will give you and your business a distinctive, professional, and memorable internet presence! Even if you don’t care about buying or selling domains, you just owe it to yourself (and your website) to have an attractive ‘.com’ address.

Imagine you owned an online handbags store. By registering the right domain name, you can pre-determine which one will attract different targeted visitors:

  • http://www.spring-summer-autumn-winter-hand-bags.com
  • http://www.springsummerautumnwinterhandbags.com
  • http://www.discount-hollydays-hand-bag-store.com
  • http://www.discounthollydayshandbagstore.com
  • http://www.brown-lether-hand-bag-store.com
  • http://www.brownletherhandbagstore.com
  • http://www.john-doe-hand-bag-store.com
  • http://www.johndoehandbagstore.com
  • http://www.hand-bag-store.com
  • http://www.handbagstore.com

The idea is to choose the specific name for every domain, especially if you want to build multiple mini-sites for ‘evergreen’ search engine rankings. According to one of the best search engine optimization consultants, Michael Campbell, specifics like unique trade names, product names, artist names, brand names, numbers, anything, that will give your mini-sites the advantage of being found at the top of the search engines must be placed inside your domain name!

It is that easy! All you have to do is to spend a few hours brainstorming what you could come up with. You may have noticed that I gave examples with hyphens and without hyphens… it is a little-known fact that search engines prefer URLs with hyphens and visitors prefer them without, so make sure you register both!

Protect your own company name and product names– make a domain name registration right now! Try to protect yourself and your business interests, don’t be a ‘ground thinker’. Your customers will feel far more comfortable buying whatever you are selling if you have your own domain name.

Your own domain makes your customers feel that they are dealing with a reputable, trustworthy, eligible company, rather than some “fly-by-night” operator. And please always remember: a great domain name gives you instant CREDIBILITY and VISIBILITY!

3) You can choose now from different extensions: .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, even a country-level extension (i.e. “.ca” for Canada, “.de” for Deutchland, “.au” for Australia).

Even more, right now you can register domain names in all supported languages. Sooo… it means you can type multilingual characters into your browser, including Korean, Japanese, traditional, and simplified Chinese characters.

The name you create will work just like any English-character name in that you can enter it into your browser and be taken to the corresponding website. The native language domain name will be followed by .com, .net or .org.

Every day I saw the same question around the Net: “Is there a difference between .net and .com?” And the answer is quite simple… if you are only using a “.net” address and not a “.com” address, you are losing your hard-earned visitors!

Why? Because everyone remembers “.com” before “.net”, it’s that simple! Just tell me how many “.net” websites do you remember right now comparing to “.com’s”. And even most web browsers, if the extension is not entered, will default to “.com”!

In the past months, I saw an increasing number of websites with domain extension .biz and, most important, with country-level extensions. What was happening? Well, first because most marketers try to use the same domain names that are already taken, but use another extension.

If you don’t reserve license rights for your products or business name, you’ll have a lot of chances to LOSE traffic and sales. My best advice is to first protect your online business and then reserve your main domain names at least — and if it’s possible, with all the major extensions. Please ensure that no one can tarnish your reputation by using your business name on the Internet!

One BIG loser here is Bruce Springsteen. He neglects to register his “.com” extension at the right time – a unique situation in the music show-biz (I love you man, but these are businesses). Someone else “stole” his “.com” extension and Bruce have nothing to do right now, not even in the courtroom!

Country-level extensions are “on demand” because (1) the big online companies try to penetrate regional and individual country markets and (2) this approach helps them on winning the search engines war.

Let me explain: the main website for McDonald’s will always be www.mcdonalds.com. People all around the world will search using this domain name. But when a kid from Germany wants to know more about promotion and didn’t well very good with English because it has only 8 years old, I’m 100% sure he will search after www.mcdonalds.de.

The good names are going fast and with new extensions emerging in the near future, the opportunities are endless. The sooner you register your unique Internet identities, the sooner you can establish your web presence!

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4) But the most important aspect of this subject, along with point (2), is that you can have a domain name *keyword-rich* which offers you the chance to jump on to the top of the search engines!

If you don’t know yet, more and more search engines give a lot of emphasis to the home page of a particular domain. And a home page of a certain domain will often rank higher than any other insider page of a website. When you use some of the free hosting services, your index.html page is the home page of your site… but not of that domain.

Speaking the search engines language, you’ll find it very difficult for your web site to get into the top 20 or top 30, let alone the top 10 for really competitive keywords! In this case, think of the amount of traffic you’ll lose just because you don’t have your own domain name.

The small fee that you pay per year for your own domain name is peanuts compared to the benefits that you get. You can check out the availability and make a domain name registration right from here.

5) At least but not last, when you have your own domain name, you can have multiple email aliases of the form [email protected]. This allows you to assign different email aliases to different functions, all of them pointing to your actual email address.

Here are some good examples: for questions related to the products/services that you sell online, you can have an email address like [email protected] For questions related to the newsletter that you publish, you can have an email address like [email protected] For comments/suggestions about your website, you can direct your customers to [email protected] For further contacts simply ad [email protected]

Having different email addresses not only makes it easier for you to filter your email using your email client program but also gives your customers the impression that yours is a large, established company with whom it is safe to do business!

In today’s fast internet-changing days, online business owners need to develop closer working relationships with a variety of people including customers, vendors, staff, bankers, and professionals such as lawyers, accountants, or consultants.

Can you deal with a demanding client, an unreliable vendor, or a cranky staff person in the best interest of your business… without having your own domain name?

How good are you at making decisions? Small business owners are required to make decisions constantly, often quickly, under pressure, and independently. Do you have the physical and emotional stamina to start and run an online business… without having your own domain name? If your answer is “Yes!”, let me tell you this: don’t be a ‘ground thinker’.

Your chances to start — not even to survive! — are far below zero!

There are only a few companies that are reliable in this field… so start a domain name registration now! Start brainstorming and coming up with names right away and register as soon as you can… for a mere $50 you cannot go wrong. That is only $25 a year for 2 years… it does not get any better than this. YOU CAN’T LOSE!

And I guarantee a good “.com” address is going to pay for itself a thousand times over… faster than any “.net” , “.org” or “.biz” address ever could.

Keep in mind that a GREAT, MEMORABLE and COMPELLING domain name gives you always instant CREDIBILITY and VISIBILITY. Choose right now the best ‘.com’ option which clearly describe your future online business and avoid the trap of being a ‘Ground Thinker‘. This will get you the start to the elusive financial and personal freedom you always wanted!

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Dedicated To Your Success,

Val Popescu

The Internet Marketing Profits Center

PS: I know it’s hard when you’re trying to start from scratch, not to mention working with a tight budget. I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels… Believe me! But if you’re serious about being successful online (and tired of empty promises of wealth and success), please let me show you your first step, before the others: register your very own domain name.