Way To Go Romania!


I was born in Romania. I live in Romania. I breath Romania. That’s me. Like you guys and girls, I love my country. And the people, even sometimes I have some doubts regarding a few (LOL!).

But today I’m very proud. For years I watch the Internet over a few Romanian netpreneurs. I found couple of them and start helping. But I wasn’t satisfied only with this.

I know that many Romanian’s are working for other netpreneurs. Perhaps you use or try some of their work without knowing who is behind the product or service. Most of them “walk” smoothless around the Net. They prefer to build products for different projects and to be paid at fraction of their value of work.

But this will soon change. This week was really great because two Romanian netpreneurs finally release their OWN products almost at the same time, without knowing each other.

The first one was Codrut Turcanu, a friend of mine. He is at the second book. The first one is called “Super Affiliates Confessions Revealed!

In this book, Codrut has tracked down 12 super affiliates from around the world and interviewed them. I’m not sure they’re really “confessions” but they are in-depth interviews with super affiliates who are quietly earning thousands a month – nearly all of them fulltime – from affiliate programs.

Now he is back with “Niche Site Confessions Revealed

This time Codrut interview three people about how to make a living online with mini sites. In a recent email, Phil Wiley (who was interviewed) told me:

“I now deeply regret doing the interview. That’s not some kind of reverse psychology sales spiel (I’m not that clever). I really DO regret doing it.

Not because I’ve spilled out everything that I know about coming up with ideas for niche sites, and then quickly turning those ideas into profitable sites.And not because I’m scared of people “stealing” my ideas and copying my sites (though naturally I don’t like it when that happens).

No, I regret doing the interview for a far more mercenary reason. Money.

What I should have done was put all the same information into a book of my own and made a small fortune selling it. I’ve spilled out everything that I know, including some keyword research results that I wish I’d kept to myself. And I’ve not held anything back. I’ve written down, step-by-step, exactly how you can put out dozens of profitable sites.”

Great work Codrut!

The second release this week from Romania comes from a guy I didn’t know it. His name is Dorel Nechifor, a programmer that works full time for couple of big internet marketing names.

His first product is called “Flash Ad Rotator

This new piece of software will create powerful ads that your web site visitors will notice immediately. These types of ads are more effective than banner ads because they blend into your site and don’t look like ads. They’ll actually enhance the look of your site.

You simply place one single line of code wherever you want the ads to display and you’ll be making commissions on as many products as you want. Since it’s about flash and ads, you have to see this software in action. Two thumbs for Dorel!

That’s it for today my friends and… Way To Go Romania!

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