How To Blast Your Internet Marketing Profits In 2005


A new year come and many people think at their new strategies for 2005. The main question at the beginning of this year still the same: what will work in 2005?

In December 2003, on my Internet Marketing Profits Newsletter – issue 37, I post an article written by the well-known internet marketer, Jim Edwards. He analize the big issues of 2003 and make some predictions for 2004.

At that time he wrote:

“In case you didn’t notice, a lot more audio, video, and multimedia appeared online this year (2003)… due largely to improvements in streaming technology. We’ve seen audio testimonials, multi-media newsletters and a host of downloadable products incorporating much more than written words on digital paper.

My predictions about Multi-Media for 2004:

1. You’ll see an ever-increasing number of multi-media products.

2. A lot of really cool tools will come out this year to help the technically challenged do some really awesome things with video and audio.

3. High-quality, full-motion streaming video will NOT make it to dial up connections this year (like it has for high- speed)… but 2005? My guess says… YES!”

Pretty cool, right? The multi-media channel really flourish in 2004. I’ve see a lot of internet marketers adding more tele-seminars, audio ebooks, video presentations to their strategies.

But Jim forgot to tell you about one amazing tool:

Internet Radio!

That’s right. Radio shows will continue their boom around the Internet. Comparing to tele-conferences, where “seats” are limited, a radio show is practically available to everyone as long as you have installed on your computer Windows Media Player or WinAmp. And they are FREE!

Here’s the radio “station” I like it: wsRadio Talk Show (

Solid information divided into several categories like Arts and Entertainment, Associations, Auto and Motor Sports, Business, Health, Mind and Body, Hobbies and Enthusiasts, Internet and Tech, Lifestyle, Money and Investing, Politics, Programas en Espanol, Sports and Recreation, Women.

But I like to talk about those categories that we, as internet marketers, are fully interested. These are the one sponsored by The Entrepreneur Magazine.

1) “Common Sense Internet” Radio Show with Chris Malta & Rob Cowie

Chris Malta is a well-known ECommerce “guru” who has helped more than a million people all over the world to avoid the traps, pitfalls and scams surrounding Home Internet Business for many years, through worldwide publication of his popular Home EBusiness articles and EBooks.

Robin Cowie is a highly accomplished Internet Marketer and ECommerce Business Developer.

Together, they bring you The ‘Common Sense Internet’ Radio Show. This show debunks the scams and myths, and exposes the real world of Home-based Internet Business, behind all the smoke and mirrors you find on the Internet.

2) “Entrepreneur Magazine’s E-Biz Show” with Chris Malta & Rob Cowie

The E-Biz Show covers the Internet from the basics to the latest innovations to help you grow and prosper by learning from leading experts, specialists and authors. You’ll case studies and business models that you can apply immediately for ease and profitability as a Netpreneur.

3) “Entrepreneur Magazine Sales and Marketing” with Anthony Parinello

Tony Parinello is one of the leading sales gurus and the author of the bestselling books, Selling to VITO and Think and Sell like a CEO. Whether you’re running a one-person operation or have dozens of salespeople, if you need to boost sales, you won’t want to miss this show.

4) “Search Engine Radio” ( with Brad Fallon

Brad Fallon is the founder of SEO Research, LLC, a research laboratory dedicated to pure and applied research in the area of search engine optimization. SEORadio is his latest project with the goal of sharing their research results with marketers and business owners around the world.

Search Engine Radio is dedicated to discussing anything and everything about search engines. Key topic areas include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and the latest search engine software, tools, and techniques.

This radio show is my favorite. Look at his past guests:

John Cota (owner of The Powerlinks service), Shawn Pringle (owner of PR Prowler and Total Optimizer Pro), Evan Lesser (Senior Developer at LinkManager), Nathan Weinberg (editor/reporter and author of InsideGoogle, a blog dedicated to everything Google), David Burn (CEO of Copernic Technologies), Doug Perlson (Senior Vice President, General Manager for Kanoodle), David McInnis (founder of PR Web), Barry Schwartz (founder of Search Engine Roundtable, a blog focusing on the latest talk in search), Garrett French (editor and author at Web Pro News), Aaron Schwartz (writer, coder, and author of Google Weblog), Andy Beal (Vice President Search Marketing for KeywordRanking), and many others.

You want to profit in 2005? Well, it’s easy: start listening this radio shows. And don’t bother if you miss a broadcast. All radio shows have an archive! It couldn’t be better than this.

To your online success!

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