Top Internet Marketing Gurus to Follow on Twitter

twitter internet marketers  to follow

Are you on Twitter? Are you visible? If your answer is yes, continue reading. 

As you know by now, this social media platform is one of the most revolutionary messaging systems of the moment. You’ve probably already heard about some amazing stories. 

So if you tweet, follow people who know what they are talking about.

Here’s a list of 55 top Internet marketing gurus you should follow on Twitter: (Paul Colligan) (Jim Kukral) (Brad Callen) (Rich Schefren) (Shawn Collins) (Michelle MacPhearson) (Joel Comm) (Michel Fortin) (Marlon Sanders) (Jack Humphrey) (Chris Brogan) (Darren Rowse) (Miguel Alvarez) (The Internet Marketing Center Team) (Ryan Deiss) (Rosalind Gardner) (John Carlton) (Matt Bacak) (Mark Joyner) (Jason Potash) (Eben Pagan) (Marc Goldman) (Ewen Chia – you could do more man!) (JP Maroney) (Russell Brunson) (Kirt Christensen) (Frank Kern) (Mike Filsaime) (Yaro Starak) (Dr Kilstein) (Reed Floren) (Mike Merz) (Yanik Silver) (John Reese) (Michael Campbell) (Tom Kulzer, AWeber owner) (Alex Mandossian) (Anik Singal) (EzineArticles owner) (Anthony Blake)

Where are you Jeff Johnson??!

Do I miss someone? Probably, but this list is opened for new entries. Just let me know about their Twitter link… 

At last but not least you can follow me! I’m not a guru (yet!) but I spare some of my free time to pick up this list.


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  1. Thank you Valeriu it’s an honor to be listed with all of those big names.

  2. Thanks Valeriu,

    You always have timely and useful information.

  3. Great site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  4. Good informations, keep up the good work.

  5. RE: “Where are you Jeff Johnson??!”

    I think you can find him here:

    He doesn’t say much though!


  6. Hi (salut) Val,

    good job with this post. I am following you on twitter now. Please follow back so I can send you a direct message.

  7. Great list Val! I’ll be sure to follow you and the influential marketers you’ve mentioned. Thanks

  8. I am so honored to have this great list. There are some here that I have idolized for some time now. I have been online marketing now for 12 plus years and many of these marketers have surpassed my accomplishments in just a matter of a few years. What a great honor? Now I hope they follow me and we can get to know each other on a personal relationship. That would be so Kool!

  9. Great list. I have been secrhing for a list like this… most of these guys I have been following for years. Thanks for posting.

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