3000 Visitors a Day Blogging?

This is a roadmap to success!

Jack Humphrey recently conducted a case study interview with Rusty Moore. Rusty is one of Jack’s members and needless to say he has taken the ball and hasn’t stopped running with it.

Rusty Moore has been with Jack since May 2007.

His site, FitnessBlackBook, gets around 3000 unique visitors per day. Just one of his pages makes him over $300 per month. Other pages and posts more or less than that.

He attributes his success to the training and examples he’s gotten with Jack, the people he’s met because of his powerful presence and following in the fitness niche, and the content he puts up on his blog.

In this short interview he outlines how he is doing with his blog, what has made the difference for him in building the blog, and his plans for future growth.

This is a must-hear interview for anyone wanting to generate free traffic using a blog!

Listen to it here!

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