14 Link Exchange Strategies To Boots Your Internet Profits (P1)

Another month is gone and another issue of my Internet Marketing Profits newsletter is available online. Because I normally write long issues, I cannot post them entirely into this Internet Profits Blog, but I will outline couple of good things.

The first article is called “14 Link Exchange Strategies To Boots Your Internet Profits (Part 1)“. Inside of this article you will discover why link exchange strategies with related web sites are an important part of a search engine optimization and:

– how to choose your partners wisely

– what to do in order to avoid link dilution

– where to use related keywords

– why you should stay away from dynamic links (pages)

– how to manipulate subdomains to boost your internet profits

– why do you need to watch your back at techno hula-hoop

– great sources to start getting links fast

If you think these information are useful for your Internet business, read the full article inside my Internet Marketing Profits Newsletter, issue 51.

When it comes to selecting keywords, the question to ask yourself is how do you really know if you’re optimizing your pages for keywords that surfers are looking for? There are several techniques you can apply.

The second article, “Top Five Tips for Choosing the Best Keywords“, reveal exactly what action you need to perform for choosing the best keywords to optimize your internet profits. This action means:

– to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience

– to target niche markets

– to brainstorm for keywords in your category

– to choose only relevant keywords

– to understand that keywords can have multiple meanings

Everything is available into my Internet Marketing Profits Newsletter, issue 51.

Enjoy reading!

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