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By far this is a top – my favorite software affiliate programs and two-tiers – which can be improved anytime. I choose to publish this web page because I thought it will, or could, bring you more opportunities to generate more internet marketing profits. These guys/companies provide you with TOP products, TOP commissions, great online reporting sales, and great customer services. They set higher commissions, offer lifetime commissions, two-tier payouts, recurring revenue, or a combination of all of these.

They work well for me. The nice thing about them is that you can promote these affiliate programs from just about any type of website. You have to note that my sales are helped by the Internet Profits Blog website.

(Each link to an affiliate program will open up a new browser window so that you can return to InternetMarketingProfitsCenter.com easily.)

A little sidebar note: to be winning with Affiliate Programs you do have to still work — you do have to learn marketing and test your ideas – and you do have to work hard to have the proper combination in your advertising – with the right price for your prospects, the right copy from your parent company, and a presentation that is made in the right way!

Otherwise, you will fail online. There is nothing left to say.

Solo Build It

» Site Sell! company is based in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Seattle, Washington. SiteSell is a privately-held corporation lead by a seasoned management team. Ken Evoy is the founder of SiteSell Inc. and the creator of the revolutionary website-building system, Site Build It! Dr. Evoy is a physician who formerly taught and practiced emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. His business philosophy is to offer the absolute best tools and information available on the market in the most accessible format and at the most affordable price. Other products to promote: Make Your Knowledge Sell, Make Your Price Sell, Make Your Words Sell, Make Your Auctions Sell.

Ken Evoy is an amazing Netpreneur. Besides the fact that he wrote six brilliant books, he also publish three newsletters, which permanently offer the most valuable advice for his affiliates. What is the best part Ken teaches you?

Just read it: 5-pillar program. More than any other marketer Ken lets you discover one of the most hidden secrets of a profitable online business (and I should also write offline). Your job as a business owner is very simple: if you want to be successful, you MUST build your business foundation on multiple pillars that support it. Pretty interesting, right?

In simple words, you MUST develop multiple streams of income. This way you assure that, if one of your pillars (promotion, product, etc) went down, you lose only 10-20 % of your business (instead of merely 100%). Only this secret is worth pure gold!

Make Your Site Sell! was the first top-selling book (now available for FREE!) and for most people, it’s considered the BEST of site-selling. It describes how Ken sells what is virtually impossible to sell. Inside you’ll find a generous 451-page section on how to achieve high positions in search engines – Ken is a master of them! For many years, this book was the leading producer of SiteSell company, up until SiteBuildIt! take the Internet by storm. But it is still a great book – get “MYSS” for FREE now and… Make Your Site Sell!

One thing is certain: Ken Evoy spends a lot of time to help his affiliate succeed. Look at his program and what you get when you become a 5-pillar affiliate:

  • 60% commission on new Solo Build It! (SBI!) and SBI! for WP annual sales
  • 200% commission on new Solo Build It! (SBI!) monthly sales
  • 100% commission on new SBI! for WP monthly sales
  • A fair contract, which has non-terminatable/non-modifiable features
  • Payments via PayPal or by check
  • An active Affiliate Manager to assist you
  • Weekly e-zines full of tips, strategies and updates

All these features ensure this program will be a long-term winner. Join the 5 Pillar affiliate program from here.

Site Build It! (SBI!) is the total, all-in-one traffic-building package for affiliates, potential affiliates, online stores and shopping portals, traffic-building professionals, net auction vendors, and consultants (no matter what service you sell!). Its awesome set of tools will help you build a low-cost, professional-looking website that will generate traffic and convert visitors to customers through high-value content… which adds up to increased income.

The Site Build It! system, comprised of both strategy and a suite of “state-of-the-Net” systems of tools, over-delivers on its promise. It makes it easy for you to create your own website simply and easily, even if you have no technical knowledge at all. It analyzes which themes will be profitable. Even better, it helps you optimize the pages for the main search engines and turns to promote it into a push-button task. And a lot more…

Some e-commerce companies focus their entire business on delivering just one of the SBI! functions. Other companies focus on selling more of Site Build It!’s many other functions already in place. But SBI! includes features in ONE single package that aren’t found anywhere else, at any price (and the list continues to grow every month).

Simply put, Site Build It! (SBI!) is the best small business site-building-hosting-and-marketing solution on the Internet.

Site Build It! 2.0

October 24, 2009 – SBI! 2.0 Officially Launches: this is the first true Web 2.0 platform for the small business person… visitors build your business because they want to. SBI! 2.0 takes Web 2.0 and pushes it way beyond blogging or anything else available. It is “Web 2.0 for the small e-business”… the one and only Web 2.0 solution that benefits the Netrepreneur.

SBI! 2.0 includes now a new module called Content 2.0. This is a multi-million dollar technology that delivers the platform that enables Web 2.0 services for business owners. You are no longer on the outside looking in, wondering how in the world you can capitalize upon people’s desire to share, to show off, to help, to have fun, to contribute, in areas and ways that interest them.

SBIers use Content 2.0 in many ways. Some of the more popular strategies include their own niche versions of…

– Facebook: create pages for people who want to be regular contributors.

– Super Blogs: Content 2.0 makes your site a low-maintenance superb blog!

– Directories: enable businesses to create a presence on your site for a fee!

– Ratings/Reviews Services: visitors review/rate goods and services related to your niche!

– YouTube: a ghost site even created “BooTube!”

– Yahoo! Answers: visitors ask questions. Others (and/or you) answer them.

Only SBI! provides this combination of advantages (SBI!’s inherent traffic-building, Content 2.0, e-zine subscription, RSS feeds) to push e-business building to unheard-of heights.

Do you need more clients for your service business? Would you like to get paid more for your products? How about a strong web presence, an Alexa score in the Top 1%? Or simply becoming a super affiliate for all the programs you choose to join?

Here are seven sbi case studies and site sell success stories on how profitable strategies attract high-quality traffic to any kind of website, and actually over-sell products or services on the internet! Stop spinning your wheels… the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve can now be yours with the little help from Site Build It!.

The Service Sellers Masters Course The Service Sellers Masters Course shows anyone (from newbie to those already enjoying success) how to attract potential clients and convert them into paying customers that want your service! And… it also shows you how to build a secondary income by representing other merchants’ products through affiliate programs. Why not make all your traffic count?

The Service Sellers Master Course is about to give you the edge over your competition! This course will help you build a Theme-Based Content Site that attracts targeted potential new clients, firmly establishes your credibility, inspires trust, and gets that all-important first phone call or e-mail from a prospective client who wants to learn more about your service and to hire you for the job. Leverage your income-building potential. Take the course today.

» Click here to download The Service Sellers Masters Course (PDF format)

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AWeber Follow Up Autoresponder

» AWeber Follow Up Autoresponder is a US-based company which activates in Newtown, PA. It is managed by Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder. The affiliate program has these features: real-time web statistics (data includes the number of hits, referring pages, IP addresses, and host information), access to the Affiliate Center full of advertising information and marketing tools at your disposal, instant notification via e-mail when a sale is made, commission paid by the customer, not by product, earn commissions from every affiliate you refer to them.

Autoresponders have become one of the most important tools of any Netpreneurs. They give you the ability to keep in touch with your visitors and prospects automatically over a large period of time. The results? Increases your chances of making sales to those visitors, and helps increase traffic to your website.

AWeber is one of the better-known autoresponder services, with lots of years of experience managing autoresponder follow-up services.

When AWeber’s founder, Tom Kulzer, created the first autoresponder follow-up service in 1998, they instantly became the market leader. Since that period, Aweber autoresponder continued to lead the industry with exciting new features and enhancements.

Measuring your email campaign results and performance with advanced tracking tools and easy-to-read reports is one of the best features of the Aweber system and you’ll be able to:

  • Track who opens your messages and who doesn’t.
  • Track who clicks your links and who doesn’t.
  • See sales revenue generated by subscribers.
  • Track website clicks using your own domain name, without ugly click tracking links.
  • Segment and follow up with subscribers based on their click, open, and sales activity.
  • Split test messages and forms to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • See which ad campaigns or signup forms bring you the most subscribers.
  • Follow your list growth over time.

Aweber systemAs a matter of fact, the list of features is TOO long to present here. So I’ll invite you to take a closer look at this amazing autoresponder service and read my full review of Aweber system

One more thing: through an exclusive offer for their members, Aweber threw away a TWO-PART video of Jonathan Mizel’s sequential autoresponse seminar in London, England.

Sign up for an AWeber account, and get FREE instant access to the revealing secrets of Jonathan.

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If you want to make money from your website, these are the best affiliate software and two-tier programs to join, hands down! More to come…

Thanks for your patience,

Val Popescu

SEO Expert and Internet Marketer
Editor & Publisher of the Internet Profits Blog

P.S.: Do you have any specific questions about these affiliate programs? Run into their systems, read everything down there, and let me know if I can help you somehow. Please contact me anytime, ask me any questions you have about this subject – I love to hear comments from you!